Is Idris Deby of Chad Truly Concerned about Ambazonian Crisis?

Is Idris Deby of Chad Truly Concerned about Ambazonian Crisis?

At the 14th CEMAC head of states summit in Chadian Capital city, N’jamena, Sunday march 24th, Mr Idriss Derby Itno, president of Chad is said to  have made a statement on the ongoing war in Ambazonia. He asked fellow CEMAC leaders to ensure that normalcy is restored in the Southern Cameroons and equally was bent that, Cameroun and Ambazonia are very important for the sub region’s interest. His statement has been taken to mean that he cares about the lives of Ambazonians, but its purely wrong. He seeks to defend his godfather, Paul Biya. It’s unreal to believe that, this very close ally and “political son” of Mr Biya will mean Genuine Normalcy in Ambazonia

Therefore, All Ambazonians must know this and be watchful of what the Chadian “Dictator” is about to do. He is simply calling on French enslaved African colonies in the sub region to form a Joint Task Force and join Biya’s troops in a bid to secure Ambazonian for the La Republique. The Chadian dictator who has also been on seat since 1990 know fully well the trade and security exchanges he has had with his ‘big Brother’ Paul biya. Most of the food sold in the semi desert Country comes from the bounty of Ambazonia territory. Both men who are stooges to French colonial system, have had a firm grip over their countries and wish to maintain that.

Their fight with Boko Haram gave them more reasons to collaborate and consolidate power.Infact, Chadian army is known to be one of the strongest in the sub region. At the start of the war in Ambazonia, Idris Deby had already started deploying his troops to assist Biya.The Restoration Forces on Ground Zero, Ambazonia, testify to have recognised many of the on battle fields.

Not just Chadians, but white men have been seen to be on ground, probably from France, fighting the People of the southern Cameroons. The good thing is that, the tactical  gorilla war tactics implored by the Ambazonia Restoration Forces has sent them thinking again.It is for this reason, in a show of solidarity to biya, the 67 years old Chadian leader has decided and pleaded with others to joint forces against the People of southern Cameroons.

Therefore, may it be made known that, African countries like Chad aren’t worth what it takes to call for genuine normalcy in Ambazonia. Let Deby know that, his plans are uncovered. His battalion of Army can’t withstand “Amba Restoration Forces” littered everywhere in the country. Ambazonia will be free but what the nation won’t like, is to remember neighbouring countries that made her struggle harder for a minute. Let Chad be aware.

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  1. sunshine

    March 26, 2019 at 3:16 PM

    Ndu Tea dried up in Chad

    When Ndu Tea dried up in chad and chadian soldiers started returning in caskets, idris knew immediately that the situation in Ambazonia needed a solution. The solution was but is not beiya the despot from french cameroun anymore. Idris and the rest of central africa will go down the sewage drain of history like french cameroun since beiya continues to wage war on Ambazonia. Ambazonians have taken the bully, beiya, to where he never expected. frightened atanga nji is begging traditional leaders for help which will never come. Ambazonia is gone.

  2. Mukong

    March 26, 2019 at 6:04 PM

    The one in Yaounde believes he is a french leech while the other in Ndjamena thinks he is from Arabia. Ambazonians do not be fool. These two are just a microcosm of the many sheep in wolf clothing’s who are not different from the likes that facilitated one of the most demonic crimes against Africans call slavery.
    So, Ambazonians, stay focus and avoid taking your eyes of the price.

  3. bimbiaboy

    March 26, 2019 at 10:18 PM

    Contribute heavily now, double your CONTRIBUTIONS to your LGA and IG FROGS rely on tiny Amabazonia for their stability. What a joke. Look at anglophone Africa and RWANDA!!!!!!!! These evil stupid frogs will pay heavily after with their inferior SHITHOLE french CFA, only used and ACCEPTED in SHITHOLE francafrique. Even Italy knows this too, on macrons colonising, divide and STEAl ASS.

  4. Sunshine

    March 26, 2019 at 11:37 PM

    The UN wants to force a second try of federation ON AMBAZONIA.

    The UN after forcing the second federation of 2 states on cameroun will share Ambazonia wealth as follows: 40% to Ambazonia and 60% to biya and his crime syndicate in Yaounde. For over 60 years since 1961 yaounde has kept 97% of Ambazonian wealth to french cameroun and only 03% to Ambazonia hence the under development in Ambazonia, neutralization and imprisonment of innocent Ambazonians. Ambazonians will be too foolish and double foolish to bow for a second federation because the first never worked… it brought only death and destruction!!! The second will neither!!!! ONLY TOTAL INDEPENDENCE WILL WORk FOR AMBAZONIANS THIS TIME AROUND. EITHER WE HAVE OUR INDEPENDENCE OR NOTHING! If Ambazonians goes in for a second federation, they are giving up themselves to be completely wiped in the next few years by french cameroun and france.

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