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Southern Cameroonians remain endangered species in La Republique Du Cameroun



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Merciful Truth: Southern Cameroonians remain endangered species in La Republique Du Cameroun.

The Supreme Court Reform Bill: A perfect illustration.

In the new bill submitted to Parliament of La Republique on Thursday June 22nd, 2017, to reform the court so that Common Law will be included, one of the paragraphs as eligibility of judges to be appointed into the court reads: “MUST have an Anglo-Saxon background”


First and foremost let us take into context the present scenario in Cameroon. Let us assume the country stays as such without any change of form or separation, we are going to quickly realised that the so called Supreme Court bill did not in anyway protect the Anglophone minority. The text should have read that those called to the common law section in any courts in the Southern Cameroons and Supreme Court division of Common Law must not be only those with Anglo Saxon Background but must be “Anglophones-citizens of NW and SW regions as defined few months ago by the Minister of Justice himself on who an Anglophone is in the present Cameroon” We all know that in the present Cameroon context, an Anglophone is not language, academic background but is ancestrally linked.

We are very much aware that a lot of Francophones i.e citizens from La Republique are studying now in the Anglo Saxon education and yes that makes them to have an Anglo Saxon background as the bill suggested but they are not “Anglophones” in the Cameroonian context. We see this every day and take note: it is their right to right to study in any educational background. However, it is the place of a genuine Government to protect their minority people’s. All these scenario we are assuming it in the present Cameroonian context as it is currently unfolding in real time.

This is what will happen as common law departments have been opened in state Universities. The majority Francophones will invade the common law faculties of state universities. In a few years time, there will be more francophone common law lawyers than Anglophones. These Francophones will be admitted into the common law departments of ENAM and the Supreme Court as well as the lower courts. They will also be sent to courts in Southern Cameroons to practice and they will practice very well as aboriginal people of Southern Cameroons.The minority Southern Cameroonians will no longer have the argument that “Francophone magistrates do not master the common law”.

The leadership of La Republique Du Cameroun is simply scamming Southern Cameroonians. The truth of the matter is Southern Cameroonians remain an endangered species in La Republique. If La Republique means business and wishes to protect the people of Former British Southern Cameroons who came into this cohabitation of a union, then the text of the Supreme Court bill must change to reflect an exclusive protection for the peoples of Southern Cameroons. There are no two ways about this. La Republique must know that in Cameroon, there are two peoples. This assessment has been made to remind federalists of what will happen and federalists must begin by making sure that the text in the Supreme Court change and it begins with the SDF MPs in Parliament who are all federalists by default.

The above explanation falls squarely in this present state of Cameroon of what will happen. It x-rays the thoughts of the coloniser and gives us the direction where La Republique us thinking.

Now, after knowing the above, it falls back to all those fighting to restore the Southern Cameroons state. We all see the reasons we must continue this struggle. We now see the scam the government want to play above us and we must continue to ensure that the restoration of Southern Cameroons statehood comes to reality. God help us all.

Mark Bareta
Southern Cameroons
Follow the struggle and not individuals.

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