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When a country is at a turning point in its political life, there is the need for critics and analysts with exceptional perspicacity to step in and pave the right path for it . There is a phenomenon in Cameroon which has engulfed the People’s Hope, the Social Democratic Front-SDF. It is that the truth should not be told in the presence, especially, of the top leaders. It has been phenomenal in Cameroon to see one or two political analysts speak out against the leadership of their own political party, except when they are no more within the sphere of influence. We have a few cases of daring ones who have tried and had the consequences. The Ayahs, the Ateba Eyenes, the Asonganyis, the Celestin Atangas, and some years back, the Yembes, the Fopoussis and the Nyah Maggis!

Our concern here is that of the main opposition party in Cameroon, the Social Democratic Front (SDF). We all know as much as its leader, Fru Ndi, that the CPDM is taking its last bend to its final collapse come 2018 following the talk of the expiration of the 1968 diabolic pact. What is the SDF leadership doing to prepare for a smooth take-over.? Very little, I dare say. In fact, there is fear and intimidation in the SDF as many who know that Fru Ndi is still the best as the National Chairman, but not an adequate choice for a Presidential stuff for 2018 cannot dare say it even at a Convention. Anyone who dares utter this fact is seen as an enemy of Fru Ndi! Haba!!

In the United States of America, elections are due in November, yet the party opens its doors for candidates to start campaigning and gathering votes to emerge as the party’s presidential candidate over a year away. Next February 2017, the SDF will be holding its Ordinary National Convention to elect its National Executive Committee members. There is no clause in its statutes that oblige the National Chairman of the SDF to automatically be the party’s Presidential candidate come 2018. So, why not let the views of the people free to discuss this issue at that Convention? To make the SDF relevant and germane, the leadership of that party should not keep the candidacy issue in abeyance.

The SDF is still that force that can steal the limelight and galvanize all the living forces, including over 75% of CPDM and SCNC adherents to support a dynamic, energetic and confident Presidential candidate. If the SDF leadership makes a slip this time around, another political movement of no significance will steal a march on them and before long, it will become number three or four on the political pedestal in Cameroon. To have this attitude of staying power and doing the same things the same way will not help the SDF at all.

Fru Ndi should remain as National Chairman, but raise the hand of a confidant of his as his choice for presidential candidate for the SDF. God knows and Cameroonians know that once this great fighter does this, his name will forever be engraved in the positive annals of African and World history. He will be the engine that will make Cameroon tick and move forward positively. The entire Civil Society, the Churches, and even the RDPC will all rally behind his choice and he will direct things as Party Chairman while the President will execute.

Apprehensions, uneasiness, and Fears! There is a cadre in the SDF that considers itself as the ones who have to stay the course. They are seen as the caucus of the SDF. They have so benefitted from the SDF that any change or emergence of a new force will make them stay on the sidelines of the party. They prefer the status quo with their opulence than a free Cameroon with them losing an inch of their present affluence . They are all at the National Assembly and they dictate things in the SDF. Their major activities these days at the restaurant of the National Assembly is to discuss and scheme how to steer a path of obliteration for this or that minion politician (according to them) or any who seems to be a threat in their constituency. These are the ones holding Fru Ndi hostage.

The Way Out! Yes SDF Can There is the need for stealth to be formed around the National Chairman of SDF. This will be a movement which will be working quietly and carefully in order not to be seen or heard, and it will take secret actions that will build positive thoughts in Fru Ndi, not the bigoted and prejudiced lot that keep feeding him with hate ideas and blackmail. As such, Fru Ndi’s thunder will not be stolen. There is no need sticking to the guns just because it carries some nostalgic feels with it. This is the time Fru Ndi should know those who can assure the future of SDF and not just the present. It is true Fru Ndi is made of sterner stuff. He can see better than what he hears. Can he see the reality around him and stop listening to those hypocritical voices that are coming from egoistic individuals? These guys are a real stick-in-the-mud. Once Fru Ndi sees our point, he will be totally unflustered.

Cameroonians are ready to give the SDF candidate an unfaltering support, given that he/she is of the times…energetic, courageous, confident, loyal, patriotic, young and above all an indigenous Anglophone with a good knowledge of the Francophone mentality. Yes, SDF can. Let it be, Chairman Ni John Fru Ndi!!!

By Asonyu Paul* for BaretaNews

*Asonyu Paul is a Human Rights Civil Society Activist, Executive Director of CORUSEP ( Confederation of Rural Self-Endeavors Partners) based in Bamenda, West Cameroon. He is a writer, poet and political critic.

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