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While it is still too early to know all the fallouts of BREXIT, BaretaNews is inclined to think that it could be a good thing for the African Continent that Britain exits the EU for a few reasons:

1- A United and unipolar Europe is generally bad for Francophone Africa because it strengthens France in its positions to exploit and continue to enslave the countries of FrancAfrique. When France went to the UN to make the case for military intervention in Libya or Ivory Coast, France did so with the leverage of the EU. With an EU without Britain, it is possible that Britain, standing alone could have discouraged the idea of a military intervention in these countries. In other words, Africa needs a voice in Europe separate from the united EU. And a non-EU Britain could fill that gap.

2- With Britain now standing outside of the EU, it can begin to strengthen its own individual interest in Africa outside of the EUs. Country’s like Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and S. Africa might want to negotiate newer and fairer deals with a standalone Britain, and because the USA will always stand behind Britain –before the EU–, Africa might just benefit by triangulation.

3- Britain’s exit brings multi-polarity to Europe. The world needs a second opinion in Europe, and Britain will be that second opinion. We want these Europeans to argue and fight amongst themselves so the weak and poor Africa can perhaps have a voice, and benefit from the fallouts.

4- Britain being the number one friend and ally of the US, you can count on the US to always stand with Britain before standing with the EU. Also, Brexit weakens the EU and the EURO and that means it also weakens the EU military capabilities which France uses to project its military strength in FrancAfrique. France uses the EU as its leverage to dissuade its FrancAfrique slave and house Negroes in its FrancAfrique Plantation. So let the elephants fight it out –in Europe– and perhaps the “House Negroes” –in FrancAfrique– might just find a reason to begin to think for themselves.


For these reasons, BaretaNews supports the Brexit. I think a united Europe is more of a threat to Africa than an EU minus Britain, because, in the former configuration, they all sit in a dark room in Brussels and decide with one voice how to come and exploit and kill us in FrancAfrique. With a multipolar Europe, there will now be one dark room in Brussels, but another room in London that may not necessarily agree. And you can rest assured that the US will stand by the London room, and the hope is that Africa and its enslaved FrancAfrique could benefit by triangulation.

Also, perhaps a Britain outside of the EU might reopen the files of Southern Cameroons, or at least bring a new perspective to it. We shall wait and see. But we want a multi-polar Europe and not a united one. We want a weak Europe and a weak Euro for Africa to get breathing room. We shall see.

By Venus Sourakata for BaretaNews

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