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Dr. Nfor Ngala Nfor Writes: Says Sisiku Engages With Consultation Talks Which Are Normal, Even Mandela Did, Corrects Chris Anu Lies, Calls For Unity In Purpose





This Solemn Patriotic Call coming to you today has been on my heart for quite some time. Not postponed! But the more l have tried to push it off, the more my patriotic conscience haunts me like a good dog aggressively goes after a game in the interest of the master.

My Message to the Berlin Conference organised by the IG in April 2019 gave a clarion call for regular consultation between the leadership in detention and leadership outside to serve the national interest. It called for selfless leadership that gathers and unifies the citizens for national sovereign redemption. It went further to warn us all that any contradiction or conflict between the two will create chaos, be costly, and like was with the Israelites, delay our legitimate and legal Sovereign Restoration drive.

Not ready to give up, since June 2019 when we found ourselves saddled with two IGs l have ceaselessly, in the national interest, come to you appealing for Unity of Purpose, Collaboration, and work in synergy to fast track our liberation and Restoration of our National Sovereign Statehood.

As Restorationists we have one common enemy, the foreign aggressor, la Republique du Cameroun who should never be taken for granted. Why? La Republique du Cameroun bad faith beginning with Ahidjou is legendary. Mr Biya has only taken it to greater heights.
As a people defending our inherent identity and politico- legal rights with a common agenda, we may differ in methods of approach, but putting the national interest against self and or group interest, differences in methods of approach should not divide us, let alone turn us into enemies.

To lead is an opportunity to serve the common good. It is not a birthright. And Southern Cameroons( Ambazonia) is a leading democracy in West Africa. And as a democracy emphasis is on servant leadership not on boss leadership. And as a servant leader, it is the interest of the people who are supreme that counts and not that of the leader. As visionary as the leader may be, to carry the people with him and execute projects in common interest, there is what l call the 3Ls of political leadership, thus he must Listen to the people, Learn from the people in order to lead them to be masters of their destiny. In a liberation struggle, the nationalistic clarion call is all hands on the plough. The leader is the unifier, filling and blocking any cracks which can give advantage to the enemy, spies and agents to exploit. My people, the Wimbum say the Fon has a thousand eyes.

The thousand eyes are the people who are his eyes and ears. At this stage what is nonnegotiable and expected from any person claiming to be a leader, at whatever level is the inclusion of opinions and actions and not exclusion claiming some divine rights. No! Not this Restorationist struggle brought to this level by the SCNC, SCAPO and AmbRep. The SCNC Mission Statement as enshrined in its Constitution, makes galvanisation of all Southern Cameroonians, irrespective of tribe, gender, social status mandatory. And all legal victories at home and abroad have been in the name and on behalf of the Southern Cameroonians. But today l hear some people talk of Southern Cameroons and the people as if some personal property in their wallets. No! Never shall that be.

As Restorationists, there should be no holy cows among us. There should be no holier thou spirit. Every interest should be protected and every positive act and faithful contribution that can take the struggle forward, even if just by one step and action that inspires, encourages and spurs the people to do one positive thing should be applauded. The right question should be, what has he said or done? And never who has said or done that? Go for the positive message and as a patriot analyse and see what good could be made of. Don’t go for the person or messenger.

As Restorationists facing the vicious enemy, the foreign aggressor who has diabolically imposed neo-apartheid rule on us, there is no room for high ground standing. There is no white horse for some few to ride at the detriment of the many, who brow beaten should swallow your dictates without questioning. No! We should all as servant leaders in humble spirit under the leadership of the Most High by whose infinite wisdom, this land was ordained our eternal heritage, serve the nation for our collective good.

Kindly listen to and meditate on this anecdote.

In the beginning of time man in his effort to understand God’s declaration that His wisdom is in all creation, studied the ants and was amazed at how they collaborate and organize labour especially in the building of their complex chambers, namely, the Anthill. He then decided to test the goats.

He starved two that were pregnant for some time. Convinced that they were sufficiently hungry, he got the two tied on ends of one rope, one facing the south and other the north. Further to the north and south he placed grass, salt and water. For each to reach its own bowl of delicious food, it required more than the normal energy to pull the other. Each pulled and pulled without success. They got tired and exhausted.

After resting a while the goat facing the north, screamed,
“Wait a minute! I have a bright idea!”
“What is the idea?” Asked the one facing the south.
“Let us collaborate and save our energy. We are pregnant and badly need food. This man is a devil. He wants us to drag ourselves to death without even eating food. Our death with our babies will mean the extinction of the goat kingdom. Let us prove to him that we are wiser than he thinks.”
“I agree with you. How do we do it? I am ready.”

” No more dragging. Let us move together to my own bowl, finish eating and move to your own in the south and eat together. That’s what l mean by collaboration. This is to prove to this wicked man that we are not fools and he cannot trick us to drag ourselves to death.”
The two then moved happily to the bowl to the north and south and ate to their satisfaction.

Two things have happened recently in the struggle which if dead to greed and grand standing and well handled we will certainly fast track the legitimate and legal quest for the Restoration. These are the War Draft, and the approach for possible negotiations to end the genocidal war annexationist la Republique du Cameroun declared on Ambazonia on Nov. 30, 2017. The war was declared on Ambazonia and not on an individual or group. The purpose is to declare Southern Cameroons(Ambazonia), which they have failed to francophonise or assimilate in 58 years a conquered territory of la Republique du Cameroun and consolidate the ” one and indivisible Cameroun Republique.” Thanks to the Restoration Forces that have rubbished the Biya evil agenda and made Ambazonia a hard knot to crack. In exceptional patriotism, like Spartans of the Greek Empire, they are the true heroes and heroins of the Restoration struggle. They deserve our maximum collective support and not politicking and meaningless claims of control of this or that.

Nota Bene: the real political thermometer that will bring down the international forces that matter to mount meaningful pressure on Yaounde for the genuine Talks, is the proven invincibility of the RFs and not the diaspora loose talk and empty propaganda, claims and counter claims which paint us negatively.

There is one Ambazonia and one people groaning and being decapitated by neo- apartheid rule. We started well when liberation movements formed SCACUF and developed into an Interim Government (IG) with a defined mission of fast tracking the Restoration drive and taking over Buea, our national capital. As the devil tempted Adam and Eve and they lost their source of spiritual relationship with the Creator, the IG fell from glory and the people are saddled with two rival IGs. These two rival IGs instead of inspiring and building confidence are sapping energy away and opening cracks for the enemy to infiltrate and cause more harm.

Consequently any project instead of being objectively examined on its merit or demerits or what good it can offer and help flush out the enemy sooner than later, it is seen from the perspective of who is behind it or who has launched it. In this spirit each IG sees itself as the legitimate spokesman and or representative of the people. It is now Mr Clean and Mr dirty. There is politicking and the struggle is badly politicized at the detriment of the common man being slaughtered on daily bases like diseased cows, the refugees, the IDPs, and our RFs who are doing a fantastic job with very little, to call.

How does fund raising to improve and equip the RF, assist the refugees and IDPs become an evil simply because of the faces behind it? How does getting involved in exploring prospects for the necessary dialogue, negotiations, or talks to end the genocidal war become an act of sell out simply because of the persons involved? Why should we descend so low into the abyss of treachery where it is either “I or nothing?” “My way or the high way”? Whose interest are we the leaders serving?

I have meditatively read Sisiku AyukTabe’s short message on their contact with la Republique du Cameroun authorities. This was a diplomatic issue. I have equally meditatively examined Dr Sako Samuel’s reaction to Sisiku’s very brief report. Additionally l have listened and reflected on Chris Anu’s audio which castigates the contact. In Chris Anu’s outing he raises a fundamental question which should not be ignored or under looked. He asks, and he has a right to, why Mr Tassang Wilfred and Pa Nfor N. Nfor were not included on the team that met la Republique du Cameroun team? If these two were included would the contact have then been legitimate and acceptable?
However the purpose of bringing this point is to correct an impression. Mr Tassang was one of the four from the Nera 10 to go. But like the first time he declined to go. This he told me himself. And l will be very surprised if Mr Chris Anu or Dr. Sako are unaware of this fact.
Secondly, it was not a meeting for all the Nera 10, but a delegation of four. A delegation cannot be made up of all in the group.
Thirdly from the brief report, it is absolutely wrong and misleading to say that the delegation went for talks or negotiations with la Republique du Cameroun. Negotiations or talks take place in an environment or venue where all the contending parties are present and presided over by a neutral personality with an endorsed mandate to implement the resolutions agreed upon. The venue and the umpire must be agreed by the contending parties. There most also be observers with a mandate to ensure that the talks succeed. And Talks or Negotiations are declared to be successful if and only if the adopted resolutions are respected by the contending parties and implemented.
While not being a judge but a humble patriot of the struggle that l have been, permit me, in national interest state that what has started;
was not negotiations or talks. It is an exploration or consultation between the two contending parties for eventual meeting before a mediator who shall umpire the talks.
Let it be taken as a point of fact that such discrete and sometimes low key exploratory contacts are normal. There were many such contacts with great Nelson Mandela while in prison in South Africa.

That we may not paint ourselves to the international community which we urgently need, as amateurs, let it be known that diplomatic matters are not for propaganda. There are always top secrets. Even the Holy Book states this fact. We must learn and learn fast.
On the other hand are our people wrong to raise eye brows and ask questions? Absolutely not. It is their inherent right to and even to be suspicious. Why?

Bad faith is la Republique du Cameroun’s trade mark. Remember the Banjul Ruling which called for Constructive Dialogue under the Good Offices of the African Commission within 180 days. This was approved in 2009 by the AU Summit, the highest organ of the Continental Body. Mr Biya may just be testing the waters and the negativism amplifying the division and divisionism within our ranks is dangerous signals for our public image.

National sovereignty is not a personal or group interest matter. Matter of destiny belongs to the people. Whoever is speaking for the people should defend their sovereign will. When he is questioned he should in humility give the people the correct answer and listen to their point of view.

The social media should be used to project us as a united people with a mission to take our rightful place within the confluence of free humanity. No divisiveness. No blackmail and backstabbing. No more surrogacy to please an individual or group against the other. No more negativism. All united in legitimate and legal defense of ONE Nation, ONE People, ONE Destiny!

Now balancing the War Draft issue and the diplomatic contact as positive acts in national interest which should not only be applauded but above all handled with maximum care as the way forward to sovereign national Restoration. Why?
1) It is a fact of human history that every international conflict, whether it results into a war of foreign aggression or not, ends up on a negotiation table. As far as the Southern Cameroons(Ambazonia) political conflict with la Republique du Cameroun is concerned, it can only be resolved permanently by UN intervention as happened in Namibia, Eritrea, East Timor, among others. The document submitted to the UNGS last year on behalf of the people, speaks for it self. Any person on diplomatic offensive should dutifully hold that. Just as the War Draft money does not belong to the person God blessed with the idea, this document belongs to the people. All of us have heard of the American Dream which binds all US citizens and leaders. In a nation like in a national struggle, policies, strategies, symbols are referred to with reverence as OUR, not mine or his.
As stated in the submission to the UNSG the Southern Cameroons(Ambazonia) shall be represented by one delegation made up of experts in different fields not just few people. And to pick the right people shall not be left to an individual, worse of all someone behind bars or in the diaspora. With UN intervention there shall be a UN Peace Keeping Force which creating a conducive environment, we shall be free to meet in our Homeland and deliberate as a free people and choose the delegates to the Talks with la Republique du Cameroun umpired by the UN.

Moving Forward From Here.
As a patriotic Restorationists what should be your attitude from here on?
We have all made our mistakes. For a cleansing we should all admit we have individually and collectively sinned against our Fatherland. Having seen where we have gone wrong, we must change and declare “Never Again Will l Be involved or promote acts and statements that Forster Division and Divisionism. This declaration is between you and your God, the Creator who gave us this land our eternal heritage on planet earth.

We must be determined to bury the ugly past and with zeal, faith and determination under the watchful Lord move forward to victory. As a check list before you say a thing, write or do anything, ask yourself;
1. How does what l want to speak, or do advance and fast track the struggle for the Restoration of the sovereign Statehood of Southern Cameroons(Ambazonia)?
2. How does what l want say or do convince others and doubting Thomases that l am acting selflessly and that l put the supreme interest of Ambazonia above mine?
3. How does what l want to say or do, assure my audience that in a national liberation struggle there is no fence for fence sitters, you are either with the people against the enemy or with the enemy against the people? And be mindful of the fact that traitors have their reward both here and the here after.
4. How does what l want to say, write or do assure my audience that we are not citizens of la Republique du Cameroun and that the drive for national sovereignty is legitimate and anchored on international law thus achievable!
5. How does what l want to say, write or do inspire people, serve as confidence building and unite the people for a house divided from within can’t over power an invader?
6. How does what l say, write or do give the international community, which we urgently need, a positive image and win friends for the Restoration drive?
Thank you.

National Chairman (SCNC),
Member of the Nera10,
Prison Principal, Kondengui, Yaounde

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