No Ambazonia Fighter Has Dropped His Weapons, Atanga Nji In A Lying Propaganda

mass murder scheme in ambazonia

DISCLAIMER:No Restoration Fighter Has Dropped Arms to La Republique .

Its surely not new hearing propaganda from La Republique , but this one of dropping of arms needs special attention. Over the last few months and last Sunday in particular when Atanga Nji, hitman of dictator biya and interior minister for Cameroun visited Bamenda, he boasted that 26 Fighters have down their arms for better job opportunities from the Biya regime. He added that for so doing, they won’t be persecuted in the foreign courts in cameroun. He also encouraged some traditional leaders who answered present, to call on their subjects to leave bushes and come back home. Probably so that,when the army sent by Yaounde arrives, it can easily access them and crush them at will.

It bizare to think that in an army of more than 6,000  fighters across the national territory of Ambazonia, one could think that even if the 26 give up, it could be a solution to disarm the boys. This is because on daily basis, many fighters are recruited on their wishes especially in areas attacked by the foreign military from Yaounde. Who then is the Invasive Yaounde regime fooling?

Lies telling have become a way of life for the shameless Yaounde regime since before they created the so called National commission for Disarmament  with claims that it’s in line with resolving the crisis. They keep doing everything to discredit the efficient self defense forces of Ambazonia. They even go as far as staging events and executing them just in a strive to gain empathy from public view and the International Community. Clear cases are the Pinyin Massacre where Atanga Nji’s guys killed about 30 civilians and blamed it on the Restoration Forces, the Kumba district hospital burnig, the sacred heart college arson and many others in a long list.

However, it must be highlighted here that, no Fighter worth the salt from any of the Camps on ground have indicated that any of their fighters have left for any reasons. The restoration Fighters are determined as usual. They are getting support and funding more than never before, to defend their counties from foreign raids by biya’s men from the east.

We use this opportunity to appreciate the resilience of the forces on ground Zero and to say their achievements are being recorded. We also continue calling on them to continue putting their community first in every operation they undertake.

The struggle MUST continue until Homeland, Ambazonia is free.

Sumelong Ekane




  1. bimbiaboy

    March 27, 2019 at 6:28 PM

    Kudos to Amba warriors let’s all keep CONTRIBUTING and stop complaining and Blaming others. To our DEFENDERS please READ AND FOLLOW International rules of war. Discipline our rogue citizens through peaceful, humanitarian means. Resolve all disputes internally. USE the acronym K I S KEEP IT SIMPLE. The enemy is lrc and NO ONE ELSE. They declared war on us NOVEMBER 30, 2017.
    SHOW NO MERCY ON THE ENEMY and all their economic interests, including STARVATION. We will support you to the last dime.

  2. Sunshine

    March 27, 2019 at 7:01 PM

    atanga nji, beiya’s donkey gave orders to french governors of the N/SW to CRUSH Amba Boys!

    The fraud, atanga nji, beiya’s donkey believes might and french guns in the hands of the french cameroun army is victory for beiya’s cronies in yaoude after biya declared the way on Ambazonia. Sad to know this donkey today is begging traditional chiefs in Ambazonia to cajole Amba Boys to detention camps to be neutralized. Amba Boys are a Restoration Force that is taking steps to make sure the fool and despot in yaounde regrets his declaration of war on the peaceful people of Ambazonias. The Amba Boys are the offshoot of the Ambazonian Military. Once beiya’s thugs are driven out, the Ambazonia Force will be constituted with diligence to protect AMBAZONIA. Never again will the bastards from yaounde step their feet in Amba Land.

    Let beiya’s naysayers on this forum continue to think or even dream that Ambazonia shall ever be part of a system that kills them, rapes their children, and forces others to exile — it shall never happen again. The UN should not be tempted to think a federation will work. After the genocide in Ambazonia, beiya should be careful that the same is not exacted on him soon because it’s possible. Ambazonia is ready for anything. LET THE DESPOT IN yaounde, BEIYA KNOW and get ready.

    • Jon

      March 28, 2019 at 5:18 AM

      Several hundred separatist ex-combatants have laid down their arms since these calls. And this week, 16 other separatist ex-combatants who dropped their weapons in Bamenda (North-West) were visited by Atanga Nji, the Minister of Territorial Administration (Minat, equivalent of the Ministry of the Interior). Source: CamerounWeb

      Cameroon is ONE and INDIVISIBLE.

      Lebialem is free, terrorists vanquished. So-called field marshal died like a fly. And second in command, BIR deserter, also killed like a fly. If so-called generals, marshals, etc are dying like flies, imagine how the so-called underlings will die.

      Mr Ayaba Cho Lucas sums it up very well and I quote “events in Lebialem are a setback to our revolution”. The events are a harbinger to the total annihilation of amba terrorists and terrorism.

  3. Mukong

    March 27, 2019 at 11:06 PM

    The “Never Again Generation” took up arms because they were sick to their stomach with the level of barbarism that the criminals from LRC were freely inflicting on the populace of Ambazonia; and yet this slave to the Beti junta goes around displaying his level of ignoramus by asking the victims of crimes against humanity to unilaterally surrender their arms?

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