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Joshua Osih, first National SDF Vice President gave an in-depth interview in L’ arene on Canal 2. L’ arene is Canal 2 program whereby public opinion leaders are invited to answer questions on politico-societal issues. The questions put forth by the host ranges from the modifications of the constitution, the bird flu epidemic, the achievement of the SDF, the senatorial elections, constitutional council, population census, the political transition of the country and party and his personal aspirations.
Modification of the constitution:

He postulated that the amendment of the constitution championed and called by some CPDM Sycophants remains a rumour. He insisted he will not comment on rumours because there are not information. However, BaretaNews noted that all constitutional amendments championed by the Biya regime have followed this format. It takes the mail opposition to play the game of the current regime in their own cards by denouncing such moves and planning what they will do should such comes up. If not, as usual, they will be caught off guard.
Bird Flu Epidemic:

Joshua said it is a technical and scientific problem and measures needs to be taken in order to curb it effects. He continued by saying that the decision of the minister was prompt, but those poultry farmers affected by the epidemic needs to be compensated. It should be urgent because is a matter of public health and social justice. BaretaNews thinks this is a good response from the MP, however, it still remains to be seen what the MPs are doing? Parliament is in session, have they tabled any document on ways to address this and/or means and mechanisms of compensating accredited farmers. The parliament should be seen to be working.
SDF achievements:

He said since 2007, the SDF has been fighting hard to ameliorate the electoral process so that each Cameroonian should have one vote through the biometric system. He further said in 2011, the party invited 35 political parties of the opposition to talk about the amelioration of the electoral process, including an independent electoral commission , a single ballot box, elections by absolute majority or two rounds. BaretaNews fails to see how is this an achievement of the SDF.

Constitutional Council

The Constitutional Council is the most important democratic institution in the country. The institution needs to be put in place to strengthen the legitimacy of elected officials-declares Osih. BaretaNews regrets to inform the MP that, no institution in the Cameroons is democratic. Democracy is a screenshot in the Biya government. Biya virtually has all sectors within his palms, the more reason the Parliament cannot act the way Parliaments are supposed to act. The setting up of the Constitutional council only goes to add more powers to Paul Biya.
SDF entering Biya Government:

The MP was categorical that the party will not enter the government because they would not want to be part of an authoritarian regime that has impoverished Cameroonians for more than 3 decades. He continued by saying that they want to win power through comparative politics of free and fair elections to change things. BaretaNews can only wish the MP and his party good luck in this regard. It seems impossible that with the current state of affairs in the Cameroons, the opposition will win through the ballot box, especially as the opposition are divided into various ranks.
Population Census

The MP decried the fact that for political reasons, rather than socioeconomic and because the CPDM regime want to keep their majority seats in the Parliament, they are playing hide and seek with the true figures of Cameroons population.

Political Transition:

The MP cautions that they are not in power, and should not be addressed as such. He went further to defend the long stay of the chairman by using the example of ANC of Nelson Mandela who spent 30 years as party leader. BaretaNews can only conclude that Osih is walking carefully not to hurt the SDF Chieftain who might come for his head.

Personal Ambition:

The MP said he will to continue being the party 1st Vice president or aimed higher that would be determined by the collective will of the party.

God is still saying something.

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