Interim Government Warns Cameroun Against Propagating Inter-Citizen War Between Both Cameroons

Independence day speech of the Acting President Ambazonia



Press Statement

Interim Government Disclaims Foumban Arson Attack by French Cameroun Soldiers

Soldiers loyal to the French Cameroun Army on Saturday night breaking Sunday, December 23, 2018, descended on Bangourain, a village in neighboring Foumban, West Region of French Cameroun and carried out some of the worst arsons in recent times.

In an attempt to spin the truth and tie it to the Ambazonia Restoration Forces, eyewitnesses said, French Cameroun began chanting, yelling and swearing that they are taking the war into French Cameroun towns and cities. Thereby suggesting that Ambazonian Restoration Forces carried out the arson.

The Interim Government of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia has stated unequivocally that the war declared on us by French Cameroun President Paul Biya would be prosecuted only within the National Territory of Ambazonia.

French Cameroun Government at this stage should know that, if we had the intention to export the war to their country, we would have done so long time ago as we do not lack the capabilities to carry out retaliatory attacks in their country.

Unlike French Cameroun, the people of Ambazonia do not engage innocent people and settlements in French Cameroun in a war they are overwhelmingly opposed to. Furthermore, Ambazonians do not burn down homes. As burning down homes would not by any means quicken or actualize restoration of the independence of Ambazonia.

The Interim Government strongly condemns all attempts by French Cameroun Government to manipulate the international community and the local population on who the real perpetrators of arsons are. Therefore we are demanding an urgent independent investigation by the international community on who is behind the arson attacks in Foumban and the over 200 villages burnt down in Ambazonia.

Till then, Ambazonia shall live free or die fighting.

Chris Anu

Interim Government Communications Secretary



  1. Real_Cameroonian

    December 25, 2018 at 9:37 PM

    Nonsense,lies and propaganda.
    You hide abroad and intent to fight for none existing country (Ambazozo)…you will be prosecuted.
    Stop Ambazozo

    • Dingarone

      December 25, 2018 at 11:42 PM

      The government of LRC vows to fight Ambazonian online presence then they use fools like Real_Cameroonian. Work your money my friend. You now have a job. Get some extra bottles of beer.

  2. Mbeuh

    December 25, 2018 at 10:04 PM

    Are you referring to one Issa chiroma who has perfected the art of spinning, churning and spewing propaganda and lies on behalf of the blood sucking dictator at Etoudi? If so you’re right. Chiroma will be persecuted at the kangaroo court of his master no matter where he hides. And one last thing. Ambazonia is the correct spelling of the country whose independence is about to be restored. Have a Merry Christmas.

  3. Bonie

    December 25, 2018 at 10:09 PM

    French Cameroon is so desperate,they will not be able to fool their own people and the international communities when biya the dictator use colonial measures of genocide on the SW NW regions,satellite has tracked BIR burnings of villages,killings and all their evils, Ambazonians have the right to self defense by any means necessary, the war biya declared nearly 2 years with their brutality has been seen by the entire world, the people in french Cameroon knows that biya burnt their homes unfortunately they are afraid to stand up to this old tyrant who killed them some years back and stole their citizen presidency yet they lacked the ability to demonstrate to the entire world the injustices, criminalities by biya’s government,Amba boys must continue to defend their communities with all their might,not get distracted by biyas game or deceit,he is losing his shameful war,he will die with a disgraceful zero legacy with exile family just like Ahidjo Judas,no Ambazonian will hand their weapons,they need more arms to fight lrc terrorist military, disarming themselves is weakness and surrendering to the enemy,two years ago they matched the streets with peace plants and were slaughtered,lrc is dishonest, Ambazonia is not part of French Cameroon and will never be forced to,all the Ambazonians blood spill will not go unpunish, Ambazonians will not die for change in french Cameroon,let the francophones fight for their own change from Yaounde

    • Coni man die, coni man bury'ee

      December 30, 2018 at 2:31 PM


      you have spoiled all your cards due to greed and wickedness, stupidity too.

      You were advised not to follow a mad man, but you never listened.

      You guys hiding in the West have brought out your true colours by masterminding the amputation, kidnapping, beheading, rape, killing, beheading of Anglo….all this because of 50K.

      Most of you are real nyongo people.

      If not, how can a sane man believe that he can sell OIL on EU streets?

      Anyway, hope you guys have at least made some provisions for the Amba Opposition. Some of us are already battling for the opposition pole position, should we ever get to Buea.

      Opposition too can be lucrative you know!

  4. Real_Cameroonian

    December 25, 2018 at 10:49 PM

    if you are so confident then come back home dear brothers

  5. Mukong

    December 25, 2018 at 10:52 PM

    Stupid people are only good at one thing only; that is their abilities to wallow in their own stupidity.
    Common sense, they do not have. Back bone, they do not have. A sense of fairness, they do not have.
    Ngombe qualities, yes they have a plentifully supply of that.

    • Coni man die, coni man bury'ee

      December 30, 2018 at 2:01 PM


      “Abakwa boys are dirty”, only a fool can say such a thing.

      Anyway, I know you still have what I told you elsewhere in your head.

      That OIL?

      We go know who ownam na for last fight!

      Be there and be fooling yourself.

  6. Real_Cameroonian

    December 25, 2018 at 11:02 PM

    The fact is simple, we are living in Buea, Bamenda, Limbe, Mamfe, Kumba, Nguti, Yaounde, Douala Maroua etc…
    Where are you ? In Houston, Belgium, South Africa…etc
    May be Ambaezozo is somewhere out of the world or in deep ocean….
    Please brothers come down to earth and stop your stupidity

  7. Mbeuh

    December 26, 2018 at 5:39 AM

    Breaking news!

    Son of Buea mayor, Ekema repatriated from the US after his asylum case was rejected.
    A recorded tape was played to him in court with his father saying there was no anglophone problem so on that the court could not accept his case which was centred on the anglophone crisis

    • Coni man die, coni man bury'ee

      December 30, 2018 at 2:05 PM

      It is perhaps good news for Ekema, who can now have somebody close to him to continue his “Leave SW alone campaign.”

      Don’t you think, Mbeuh?

  8. Mukong

    December 26, 2018 at 1:40 PM

    When the blood sucker of LRC in the name of Biya doles out cash to the parents of some brain dead Ambazonians who then use some of it to send their children to the West they do so hoping it is going to be business as usual. No wonder some of the spoiled brats are at the forefront of making disparaging remarks directed at hard working Ambazonians who want nothing but the best for their own society that has been held hostage by a foolish french zombie called Biya. This time around they fail to understand that the “Never Again Generation” mean business in ensuring that the treachery and excesses of LRC is brought to an end.
    So LRC trolls continue to wallow in your own stupidity. You and others like you shall all pay for the pain and suffering “ngombe” Biya continues to inflict on the people of Ambazonia.

    • Coni man die, coni man bury'ee

      December 30, 2018 at 2:10 PM

      You are now talking like a man, Mukong. Go after Biya/system, and spare the victims. They are no different from you.

  9. WataNaWata_Odeshi_Failled

    December 26, 2018 at 8:25 PM

    Please CRISE ANU come fight here in Cameroon,you will never succeed if you stay abroad.Unless you are making on this crisis while sending innocent young people to the battle field

  10. WataNaWata_Odeshi_Failed

    December 26, 2018 at 8:28 PM

    Please CRISE ANU come fight here in Cameroon,you will never succeed if you stay abroad.Unless you are making money on this crisis while sending innocent young people to the battle field

  11. WataNaWata_Odeshi_Failed

    December 26, 2018 at 8:30 PM

    Please CRISE ANUs come fight here in Cameroon,you will never succeed if you stay abroad.Unless you are making on this crisis while sending innocent young people to the battle field

  12. WataNaWata_Odeshi_Failed

    December 26, 2018 at 8:30 PM

    Please CRISE ANUs come fight here in Cameroon,you will never succeed if you stay abroad.Unless you are making money on this crisis while sending innocent young people to the battle field

  13. Mami Big MBOMBO

    December 26, 2018 at 8:37 PM

    1. Megalomania of unbridled proportions. Crazy Munjingny Beggar Uneducated Conman Con Pastor Sako! Nobody is going with this your CRAZY FATWA. There was never an Ambazonia when the whites came in barely 90 years ago and clothed your naked Bakweris and other bantu tribes. White people invented everything and even invented the nations in Africa.What did you BIG DICK PACKING MOKWE and other LAZY POOR DIRT MONKEY SUB_HUMANS Invent???When you guys cannot do anything for yourself you are now using white man’s technology to create billboards over a PUTATIVE online Republic???You are a bunch of thieves and dictators as evidenced by the SWINDLING of $50,000 that was contributed in DC for your senseless and RECKLESS dane gun NYONGO NYONGO NYONGO in which you send gullible innocent boys to their deaths and remain abroad on welfare or soliciting donations and forming FAKE churches and seeking tithes while sponsoring death squads in Cameroon. There is and there will never be anything like AMBAZONIA coined by the diminutive pastor of the Olumba OlUMba OBUH Brotherhood of the MOON and STAR Church of Calabar where you lived and trained in frustration and sneaked into America. As pure USURPERS, you now call yourself PHD or academic Dr. of the WORD of SATAN!!!You shall die in frustration for nobody is yet to recognize that folly coined Dinka! You hijacked a strike in which the government caved to the demands of English speaking Cameroonians and appointed yourselves INTERIm government, Interim chairman, interim ,looter, interim PETROLEUM deal a la NTikang CHO AYABA interim shit, interim defense minister, interim communications chief a la BANWA TSE TSDE FLY cum Baboon fake pastor conman Chris Anu!
    Did your Bakweri ancestors cede their vast and rich soils to the white man who created CDC with the following phrases :CUTTAM GO??After you rebelled and GRAFFIS were brought to work on the plantations, did you sell them land for bales of MUKANJO (stock fish)?? Did the Graffis thank God for being on the “KUS” wwhere they saw “MUTU” cars withfor the first time as some called it MUNGWIN(locust)???Did all of you low IQ`NIGGERS like you and I ever sell other blacks into slavery for trinkets, RUM and GIN, and gun powder???Do you in your WARPED mind think you can create and Anglo Saxon republic when you are not Anglo Saxon? Why is the Commonwealth or England turning a deaf and snobbish ear to this your AMBAZONIA?While you lived in trees and the bushes and walked naked foraging the environment for food, WHITES brought their civilization and showed you a part of it.Today it is AMbazonia this ,Struggle (as PUNKS from America and behind computer keyboards) while innocent people are sent to their deaths .Ewelle LEPROSY Julius TABE is not and has never been a leader.He is not accredited by anybody and never will.How come he only became interim leader last year??Can you guys provide for the millions of innocents people in the North West and South west whose lives and livelihood you have disrupted from your computer keyboards and sites created by the white man with your CHAOS,CHILD MOLESTATION and SCHOOL BOYCOTTS, Kidnappings for RANSOM,Broad daylight HIJACKINGS and ARMED Robberies, Rapes by bush commanders and ROGUES Called AMBA BOYS,ECONOMIC GENOCIDE in Ghost Towns, FUCKING in the BUSH,Sleeping in TREES, DRINk MAGGOT TUMBU water from streams, Disease etc?can you pay the fees of a single person?Yet MAYHEM, PYROMANIA,VANDALISM ,BEHEADINGS are the order of the day.No human in his right sense ever recognized that Baboon called Julius Tabe and none recognizes this your utopian FOLLY of a PUTATIVE republic called AMBAZONIA. You are now fighting amongst yourselves with those from Ekona decamping in droves.You GUYS AINT SEEN SHIT YET.
    KUDOS to the Cameroon and Nigerian intelligence Services for humiliating you barbarians as they sopped you guys from a hotel room in disgrace.You did not know that you were being monitored being the low IQ strategists and SUB-HUMANS that we are.On January 5th, I shall pop champagnes and EAT Ekwang and even slaughter a cow to thank GOD for divine justice against all those who are rekingling slavery in the form of a PUTATIVE and RECKLESS republic called AMBAZONIA while sacrificing their blood online through SOPHISTICATED NYONG.SHUT THE FUCK UP you Mother FUCKING PUNK ass Hallucinating NIGGER.Poor Smelly Dirty LAZY Baboon!Mola Keka!Na Mo Lingi BAStard!!piece of shit!

    Belgian Asylum Seeker and Welfare Queen Ugly Mark Stutterer Wirki Shit Ntum Kibarinko Masquerade Head-What is your beef cum obsession with Cameroon set up by the white man??Truly you are a proud Cameroonian as no country exists on earth called AMBAZONIA!!!Cameroon is a worm hanging on your SHITHOLE and follows you everywhere you go hence the obsession. If there is a country named AMBAZONIA, you and your FUCKING clowns and CONMEN should provide accounts of you daily management that shows service delivery in terms of hospitals, schools, security, health services, diplomatic services, infrastructure, taxation, passports and diplomacy, security of citizens and private property etc. If a scintilla of this cannot be provided immediately, you should just get lost for even when Jesus comes back there will never NEVER BE a republic of people who walked NAKED barely 90 years ago until the white man brought civilization to them but they FAILED to civilize and are still ACTING LIKE BABOONS and BARBARIANS!You guys are dictators and blood thirsty NYONGO NYONGO men with this your FOLLY of a PUTATIVE republic named Ambazonia. You off-handedly wrote an OPED on economic boycott and when I asked you a few questions you ran with your BIG DICK and SHUMBU Kibarinko face to a burrow!!As if your irresponsibility ,Thievery, swindling, kidnappings, ransom, poverty, economic genocide, CHILD MOLESTATION and School boycotts, EXTORTION ,beheading, Torture, Odeshi and Online NYONGO and Blood drinking are not enough, you are trying to dampen the Christmas spirit!!Take you PUNK MONKEY,DIRTY,LAZY AS to the welfare office in Brussels and stop luring innocent people to your MADNES called Ambazonia.I remid you again, all countries of Africa were set up by whites and colonial powers.They have solid records of inventions and travels.WHAT has the low IQ blacks like I and Mark Bara ever invented???Even the natural resources in our lands were only revealed to us by whites and their scientific savvy!Who can take a black like Abeurreu Ntinkang Idid Amin cannibal Lucas Ayaba,Mbingo Leprosy Boh Herbert, Banso /Nyangi Nkane pickin Mark Bareta, Fake pastor , beggar and conman Banwa Tse tse Fly Mafua ndem orphans Tapang and Chris Anu etc serious??Get lost MY NIGGER!!SHUMBU!SATAN!SATAN!
    SHUT THE FUCK UP PUNK ASS SENIOR BABOON and BOY BOY for White man-Njoh Litumbe LitOMBO and Poor RAT SAKO.!!!Enjoy this essay!
    The day you SUB-HUMANS who did not invent schools showed your animalistic instincts by ordering the boycott of schools is what doomed your cause. It is not surprising as you NIGGERS never invented the English language but today act more English that the English man and his institutions. White people are busy planning their kids future by starting their education at Pre-K and Kindergarten levels with different head start programs. Sub-human monkeys frustrate a whole generation of innocent kids by burning down schools, threatening kids and then ordering BOYCOTTS in pure dictatorial manner. You achieved your education and now frustrate innocent peasant kids. Most of them have gravitated to peaceful Francophone areas where they continue their education unperturbed. Who is fooling whom??The right to intellectual freedom and EDUCATION is enshrined in the UN Charter .Why do you Baboons think it it okay to breach these rights? Show us the classrooms and other infrastructures you have created and show us any letter from global institutions and bodies accrediting the PUTATIVE Ambazonia department of Education??Do you pay fees for the kids ?PARENTS-YOU AND YOUR KIDS ARE NOT SLAVES TO ANYBODY AND THEREFORE THEY SHOULD ENJOY QUALITY EDUCATION.YOU DO NOT NEED THE IMPRIMATUR OF PEOPLE RESIDENT ABROAD WHERE THEIR KIDS ARE WELL FED AND ATTEND THE BEST SCHOOLS ON EARTH TO TELL YOU WHAT TO DO.THESE GUYS ARE INVOLVED IN NYONGO AND OTHER OCCULTIC SOCIETIES .DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM.
    COFFEE BANG FEN_OOOOOOOOOOO!ABE SHU!A BE SHU! Restoration of what FORCES punk ass Mark WIRKI SHIT NTUM???You guys better disband those gangs of baboons and FECAL MATERIALs of Barbarians called Restoration forces. Did you guys ever create Cameroon? Go sleep in trees where you lived when the white man came and discovered you. Nko NGONDZEN KIKIKILAKI!A Yua !ABENI!ABESHU.Nyam Ngiri!Nyam Nwerong !Nyam Fuka!
    Do not FUCKING call this pragmatic NEGROE and SLAVE for it takes a Slave master like Bara and Cho Ayaba and even Anu Tepong SATAN and Tapang Tsing KNKU to know and label or confer SLAVE status on somebody. You have hijacked the people of the North West and South West regions for your macabre NYONGO hallucinating schemes. For two years you and Ambazonia have brought nothing but ECONOMIC genocide in the form of GHOST Towns, TYRANNY and DICTATOSHIP as nobody can exercise their rights to freewill and democracy. Should I mention the rampant destruction and pyromania and thuggery as well as kidnappings for ransom???
    Let me teach you one thing that you PIECES of SHIT Baboons fail to know:
    You were walking butt naked when the white man came in the 1800’s and he helped clothe and feed us for we were cannibals.-No AMBAZONIA then.
    -You were taught the white man’s English and a bit of his institutions were imposed on you but you remained the same barbarians for Cho Ayaba and Bara and all Negroes can be taken out of the Jungle and Graffi lands of Cameroon but the Jungle will never be taken out of them.
    The white man invented the GCE, Common Law system, cars, Twitter, Facebook and computers Facebook, English is his language .
    HOW THE FUCK do you CHILD MOLESTERS who NEVER invented SCHOOL but would rather burn them down and HIJACK/PREVENT Innocent kids from attending them have the guts to even speak?
    You have to know your place ;Chirac -then French President said Democracy is a luxury for Africans and they can ill afford it. Sarkozy said the Africans have contributed nothing to History for they have had the same repetitive cycles of living over centuries. They are right. What has the PUTATIVE republic of Ambazonia created since November 2016 apart from violence, mayhem, NYONGO and cyber-terrorism???
    African countries including Nigeria and Cameroon belong to the former colonial masters like Britain, France, Spain and Portugal. All our president are not independent but only watch the PLANTATIONS that their countries are for MASSA the colonial masters. Thus BIya is not even autonomous but just an OVERSEAR of the plantation or HEAD_NIGGER_IN_Chief; a position some or all of you will never have even if you dream about the utopian Ambazonia until the year 3000!Chief Teze and other chiefs have credentials and are pragmatic unlike you hallucinating about republics that will never see the day!
    Why don’t you guys block Cameroonian petrol exports by deploying your Amba RED Devils and SATAN in the high seas and stop tankers exporting petrol with your ODESHI and Belo Kom Juju?

    What do you expect from a bushman from Kom who has never forgiven the Cameroon gov,t for yanking him off the sports desk at CRTV where he made trips abroad and fortunes in the form of out station allowances? What do you expect from a MONKEY who married his to a Bafoussam lady but pretends to hate his NGGER kith and kin because they were taught French and are called Francophones! What do you expect from a DUMB ass PUNK living in West Virginian mansion with rental property bringing him millions a month yet he preaches economic suicide and genocide for the poor masses of the North West and South West regions? What do you expect from a man who walked naked barely 90 years ago and when taught a bit of English and immersed into English institutions he now claims to be English? What do you expect from a man who is not pragmatic to know that white people created the IMF where he works, the UN and British and French will always secure their interest first and not that of a bunch of fakes, crooks, conmen and madmen called Ambazonia.Ask BOH Herbert if in his sub-human has ever constructed a classroom in Njinikom let a lone supply a borehole to his suffering and fellow poor dirty MONKEYS!The whole world is vindicated by what transcribed over the weekend on the Bamenda-Yaounde Highway.Boh Herbert’s drug addicts and kidnappers seized a caterpillar next to potholes on a road that was being constructed .Instead of filling just potholes they destroyed the road and then proceeded to chop off /mangle buses and also kill two civilians .They lined up passengers and extorted their phones, money and other possessions while destroying their Id cards. The Cameroon Army came to the rescue and the roads where repaired in a flash of lightening. Boh Herbert ,Njoh Limbe, Sako, Mark Bara and online generals and the PUTATIVE republic of AMBAzonia set up by nobody and recognized by nobody has been caught pants down and the chicken has come home to roost. Now Boh is crying wolf and trying or refusing to take blame for his atrocities. Shame Boh Herbert and take responsibility for your Killings, Ghost Town and the Saturday incident. Your PUNK ASS misfits and miscreants vamoosed into the bushes the moment a professional Army arrived! After decades in America and Europe, you guys behave like the VIOLENT Sub-Human MONKEYS online truly vindicates those who say that you can take a Black man MONKEY from the jungle but the jungle will
    1. Sako!
    2. Who elected you “Interim president”? I could understand you as your online PUTATIVE republic can dish out titles to everybody at anytime. The premise of your cause is that of the restoration of Anglo-saxon culture in Cameroon. What did you and francophones wear in 1800?You walked around naked until the white man or British came to the coast and named a beach VICTORIA. Where were you during the Industrial revolution and what did you guys contribute to it? NOTHING. You are a Baboon and lazy dirty poor monkey and African. Stop making life hell for people. You crossed the pond to America but are hell bent on making sure nobody else does. The UN, Commonwealth etc told you in no uncertain terms that their CARCO that they set up -CAMEROON is one and indivisible. End of story. As sub-humans, you had no part in forming the UN, League of nations not to talk of the Berlin Conference that shared us among whites with all of us branded the HEART of DARKNESS! We are still those NIGGERS and CARCO from the HEART of DARKNES and you with your (mis)education and under-education has only confirmed this. How the FUCK on earth did you guys declare war on a professional army whose main job is to kill and nothing else? Accept your casualties for that is the price to pay for raping our boys’ future by arming them with home made guns and sending your pittance of contributions from America to them. France bilks $400 billion from Africa every year and will fight this war to the last atom if you Munjingnis don’t get it. In pure bravado you guys boasted that UN or no UN Ambazonia coined by the fugitive diminutive Gorji Dinka of the BROTHERHOOD of The MOON and STAR Olumba OLUMB will be declared. You went ahead and declared it. After your AS is whipped on the filed you come back unreasonably to shed crocodile’s tears by calling on the international community and UN to intervene! SHAME! You ain’t seen shit yet. Ambazonia-Economic genocide (GHOST TOWNS), Cannibalism and NYONGO sacrifice (Sending young innocent boys to their deaths, Hijacking and Armed robberies and ransoms, Vandalism, monkey behavior, Chaos and disorder, abject penury, ILLITERACY and School Boycotts and Pyromania. Interim President and government my ass.
    3. Chris Anu(TEPONG)-Stop this madness. There is nothing like AMBazonia and there will never be.Fontem, Banwa and Nweh-Mundani was nothing but hostile terrain hills where people lived in bushes with TSE TSE FLIES feasting on them and infecting them with sleeping sickness.Chiara Lubick and Focolare Movement came and set up schools and hospitals and put clothes on your backs .Where was the Ambazonia that you are restoring today. What did you wear in 1800?What is the difference between you (Anglophjone) and your francophone cousins in Dschang?None.You share one thing though-BIG Dicks, Poverty, Dirt, and MONKEYS from the heart of DARKNES.You guys are now truly living in the bushes of Lebialem-your natural habitiat.I hear your AMBA red devils are defecting in droves as their socalled general is EATING alone and FUCKING, Yest FUCKING and impregnating all young girls and virgins while the boys starve.We are poor, uneducated and chaotic with AMBAZONIa.LIVING in the BUSH and TREES!Fucking in the BUSH.

  14. malis

    December 27, 2018 at 1:58 AM

    Don’t worry Sako,

    They are trying to fabricate fake materials for CRTV and the international media.

    Biya is in a toilet and is slowly dragging the international community into that latrine.

    I thinking he did what his western supporters told him to do, but as always, it only ends
    up playing in our favor. They underestimated the stupidity of some of their citizens.

    All Ambazonians in LRC should be ready to fill the embassies of all western nations because the people of LRC are been given arms to kill you.

    Biya international supporters are running short of everything, their boy Biya blew things up big time.

    Ambazonia belongs to Ambazonians, and we are in control.

  15. Real_Cameroonian

    December 27, 2018 at 2:56 AM

    Control of what when you stay abroad and send rubbish trough social media.
    Sorry for you

    • malis

      December 27, 2018 at 4:03 AM

      I forgot to tell you: AMBAZONIA.

      Yes, we stay abroad, we stay in ground zero even in LRC we are there, we are everywhere, don’t get jealous about it, it will not help you or Biya. You wish we Ambazonians where all bunched up in Ambazonia, that way you and the devil Biya can wipe us out without anyone knowing.

      Sorry, our wise Ambazonians mammies and pappies were very smart, they sacrificed their lives and shipped some of us out knowing that the devil Biya will be coming to massacre us one day.

      And here we are taking back what is naturally ours.

      Your name tells everything, just look at it “Real_Cameroon”.

      It’s real, for real.

      This is what the real Cameroon has done to you.

      -Rape woman but can’t host simple African Cup of Nations

      -Burn villages and humans but can’t fight

      -Execute infants and breastfeeding mothers …

  16. Real_Cameroonian

    December 27, 2018 at 1:24 PM

    All that has been proved is Amba Boys are burning rapping killing and kidnapping civilians.
    Your evil plan will not succeed

    • malis

      December 27, 2018 at 2:54 PM

      Ambazonia is gone.

      You are so stupid, once a plan is evil you don’t need to say it will not succeed for anything evil is a failure, just like how LRC has been trying to colonize Ambazonia for the last 50+ years and it is not working. It’s evil, that’s it.

      You saw what the diaper wearing grandpa of Etoudi was told by the international community, now tell me how our actions are evil, We have even more bad news for you and your Diaper-Man of Etoudi coming 2019. I hope you will still be alive to post here on Bareta new.

      The heat is on and it’s getting hot in Yaounde.

  17. WataNaWatA_Odeshi_failed

    December 28, 2018 at 2:16 AM

    You made laugh,getting hot how? When you hide abroad and sending bulshit on social.
    We are in Cameroon, where you bro?
    N matter how but your evil plan has already failed because there is no country on earth called Ambazozo (Ambazogniard) on earth.

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