Tumi’s AGC Spokesman, Elie Smith Declares: 90% Anglophones Regard The IG As Their Government And True Representatives

Assasination Sisiku Ayuk-Tabe



Anglophone prolific journalist and Tumi’s AGC spokesman, Elie Smith has in an unofficial poll declared that the Interim Government of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia is supported by 90 percent of Ambazonians on ground zero (Southern Cameroons) and considered it as their genuine representative. He made the statement recently in a Facebook post. However, BaretaNews wonders should this be the case, doesn’t it suffice that the Tumi’s AGC is just another disturbance and political cloud to La Republique Du Cameroun thereby hindering the restoration of the statehood of the former British Southern Cameroons? Is it also worthy for Elie Smith or anyone to claim that there is a leadership wrangling? What stops then Cameroun Leadership to engage in genuine negotiations? Are we then right to say Tumi’s AGC whose members claim the coming of the AGC is meant to get representatives for so called inclusive dialogue are just fooling the people since Elie Smith has now confirmed there is a genuine representation for dialogue? Of what interest is this statement from Elie Smith?   You may read his entire text below:


In the current wrangling over leadership among two Southern Cameroonian nationalist groups: Ambazonia Governing Council,AGC and the Interim Government,IG.

I have spoken widely with peope and what I have discovered is that, 90% of Anglophones from the North West and South West regions otherwise known as Southern Cameroon’s, know the Interim Government of Julius AyukTabe, now led by Sako Ikome aka Common Sense, as their government and genuine representative. How they arrived at such a conclusion is another subject of investigation altogether.

By contrast, the Ambazonia Governing Council is considered by 10% of Southern Cameroonians as a marginal or splinter group whose actions are inimical to the struggle. The conclusion of the population is that, if the Anglophone Nationalists are not united, they won’t achieve their aspiration for separate homeland.



Otto Ama


  1. Bonie

    December 26, 2018 at 4:33 PM

    The IG is the only legitimate Ambazonian government,the AGC has it’s own rightful place in the revolution, unfortunately in the past months it’s members have become arrogant,money minded,division causers and trying to hijack the IG because they refuse to form unity, realise the LGA stopped their bread and butter theives,they look down before on Sisiku and now Sako,naming them as jjc, their leaders feel they have been in this struggle longer although never galvanise the people with real policies,now many of their surrogates are wasting their time on social media complaining about the IG instead of fighting lrc, individuals like Ayaba,Tapang,Ashu, Capo and many women who were vocal are on a witch hunt against the IG,AGC/ ADF wher have lost trust, credibility from many patriotic Ambazonians who are seeing them as Atanganji,mosunge,ekema slave boys and noise makers,SCs who stand with the IG are not gullible,they are watchful on activities in the diaspora and ground zero,if the IG becomes weak, arrogant they will know,as long as Amba boys have unity,focus, have groundnuts,sugarcane,take on lrc, nothing else matters,the other groups must clean up,come down from their high horses or get wiped out,no ONE Commander is bigger than Patriotic Ambazonians in this war,’one goes another comes’ independence is the only goal, any groups/ individuals which take money from traitors or try to cause distraction will be name, shame and taken out no matter their stand,

    • Coni man die, coni man bury'ee

      December 30, 2018 at 5:28 PM

      Don’t worry, Bonie….a complaint has just been filed against them in a USA-court, including IG. Hence, Munzu, Balla, Ayah, Tumi, Elie, Walla, Joshua, Ni and others on GZ should henceforth be considered as Anglo legit representatives….for, they know more of politics than amputation, kidnapping, beheading, burning down of schools,stealing of funds, you name the rest.

      That stay in the WEST is going to last even longer than expected.

  2. malis

    December 26, 2018 at 10:48 PM

    The AGC is not a southern Cameroons group, it is an LRC militia under the control of a
    sellout Ambazonian in the diaspora in the name of Ayaba Cho the murderer.

    I call him the virtual profiles man, he has tons of virtual profiles that he treats like babies. One physical person, 1000000 profile and brainless Ambazonians can’t figure out.

    The people of Ambazonia are not that stupid to be entertained, commanded, governed
    by someone like Ayaba Cho and his surrogates.

    Biya failed and so did Ayabe.

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