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Tumi’s AGC Spokesman, Elie Smith Declares: 90% Anglophones Regard The IG As Their Government And True Representatives



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Anglophone prolific journalist and Tumi’s AGC spokesman, Elie Smith has in an unofficial poll declared that the Interim Government of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia is supported by 90 percent of Ambazonians on ground zero (Southern Cameroons) and considered it as their genuine representative. He made the statement recently in a Facebook post. However, BaretaNews wonders should this be the case, doesn’t it suffice that the Tumi’s AGC is just another disturbance and political cloud to La Republique Du Cameroun thereby hindering the restoration of the statehood of the former British Southern Cameroons? Is it also worthy for Elie Smith or anyone to claim that there is a leadership wrangling? What stops then Cameroun Leadership to engage in genuine negotiations? Are we then right to say Tumi’s AGC whose members claim the coming of the AGC is meant to get representatives for so called inclusive dialogue are just fooling the people since Elie Smith has now confirmed there is a genuine representation for dialogue? Of what interest is this statement from Elie Smith? You may read his entire text below:


In the current wrangling over leadership among two Southern Cameroonian nationalist groups: Ambazonia Governing Council,AGC and the Interim Government,IG.

I have spoken widely with peope and what I have discovered is that, 90% of Anglophones from the North West and South West regions otherwise known as Southern Cameroon’s, know the Interim Government of Julius AyukTabe, now led by Sako Ikome aka Common Sense, as their government and genuine representative. How they arrived at such a conclusion is another subject of investigation altogether.

By contrast, the Ambazonia Governing Council is considered by 10% of Southern Cameroonians as a marginal or splinter group whose actions are inimical to the struggle. The conclusion of the population is that, if the Anglophone Nationalists are not united, they won’t achieve their aspiration for separate homeland.



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