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The body that handles the careers of magistrates and higher judicial officers met at Unity Palace on Thursday 18 December 2014 with President Paul BIYA presiding over the deliberations that lasted over five hours. The agenda of the sitting included an examination of disciplinary files, the promotion of magistrates, the transfer and posting of magistrates. And so Ayah Paul Abine amongst others Ngatcha Isaiah, Jacques Frederic Tchale II, Alfred Souffosi were appointed by Paul Biya.

Arguements Against :
1. Hon Ayah opposed constitutional modification. He preached the Anglophone course, declared his assets. Accepting an appointment from Mr Biya in my view does not make him strong. If he refuses he emerges stronger.He should ask for his pension which was suspended and not take the post. People are saying he want chop too for the very system.He should spit on it.Thats my view.
Solomon Amabo Amabo, South Africa
2. Possible scenarios: 1) after the defeat, in the election, he had the impression that there is nothing left for him as he will never be a parliamentarian anymore. Then he figured out that if he could used SCNC to either make a name, or gain an appointment.2) HE could be an argent of la republique. La republique is known for sending in people to destabilize SCNC. He is neither the first nor the last. SCNC has to be careful. I now agree with guys Tata Mbinglo that were totally against him..
Jude Dzevala, Canada
3. They say the best fights are fought from within and not from outside but this is not true when Cameroon in particular is concern. No one has ever fought that fight from within as they always claim. They only go to fight from inside with grabbing hands and deep pockets. When Fru Ndi says he’s not going to lead any street protests again because he feels a lot of innocent blood has been spilled, people condemn and style him a traitor. When Ayah Paul is called back to service with promotion as a means to kill the spirit of opposition in him by a government he openly opposed, some people see nothing wrong in it. Which fight is he going to fight from inside? Is it the same fight, Issa Tchiroma and Bello Bouba fought?? History lives on and keeps repeating itself. Should Ayah accepts this offer, he will be signing his death warrant.
Joe McAfong, Belgium

4. Politics of the blind is played in public and gets illusive rewards.Politics of reality is played behind closed doors, and get noble rewards.Ayah Paul just played the both so well and hereby gets double rewards at crossed roads.
Ashu HailShammy, Thailand

5. Ayah Paul Abine step down as a member of parliament for CPDM for Akwaya constituency bc of President Biya constitutional change if he has to accept this appointment by President Biya let him be ready for the worst bc President Biya has proven beyond imaginable doubt that he has no cameroonian to be trusted let think of the Marafa inoni Abah Abah just to name a few where are they now I rest my case. This the end time ememy will become friends.
Cyprain Ayuk, Douala
Arguements For:

1. If am the one appointed, I will also accept because change can’t come from outside but from within. Did u know u can’t really change what u don’t know?? Being inside will expose him to the environment n also the chances to bring change. Moses in the Bible could not change the fate of the Israelites if he didn’t grow up in the palace to see how his people were mistreated. We need an insider…. A don talk my own
Keng Tata Chick, Belgum

2. I think there is one issue to underscore here the fact that Ayah Paul accepts the appointment at the supreme court could be a stepping stone into an objective arbitration of the issues the two factions of our national territory. we could consider a whole lots. I think the full picture has not yet been fully painted. if there is a choice to make here it’s not whether to accept chairmanship of SCNC or the office at supreme court, but it is the guarantee that the vision of a born again Cameroon will push through. vessels may change, but a vision remains. personally am ok with Ayah going for the supreme court job because his role will be indispensable in the arbitration ahead of us, we can’t escape that phase.
Ako Allan, Douala

3.  I do agree with positions held by my very respected friends and brothers like Mr. Jude Dzevela (skeptical of Mr. AyahPaul’s integrity) and Mr. Akoson A. Raymond ( advocate for Mr. Ayah). I wish I could easily pick a side to this ambiguous argument. It is true what Mrs. Keng Tata Chick said, in a way! Had Moses not grown up in Egyptian royalty, he might not have had the audacity to face and challenge the Pharaoh and his cohorts. We can argue his case was somewhat easy because he had the Almighty ‘ s blessings. My question here is; “where does Mr. Ayah ‘ s loyalty lie?” Does his heart beat for the Southern Cameroons plight, and if yes, how credible is that to the ordinary man? If there truly now exist an article 32 (2) in the Cameroonian constitution that guarantees the independence of the judiciary, then I concur with Akoson Raymond ‘ s contribution. If I had any reason to believe that Mr. AyahPaul’s allegiance (if any) to the Southern Cameroons question was without question, I would say being the chief magistrate in Mr. Biya’s Cameroon is worth accepting. We all know, you can’t win a “war you don’t even understand”. Mr. Biya and his cohorts have called Southern Cameroonian leaders all sorts of names, ranging from terrorist to being a part of Boko Haram. It is high time we had one of ours at a high position in the judiciary, who can help set the records straight! Keep
Chesah Denis, USA

4. When one time MP for Akwaya, Manyu Division in the South West Region, Hon. Ayah Paul resigned from the CPDM, January 2011, “fearing for (his) life and the safety of (his) family,” his action was viewed with scorn by the Party’s diehards, yielding him dark results. The bone of contention was “unpopular” moves by his peers to vote the government-induced bill on the limitless term of office of the President of the Republic, which he strongly opposed as unconstitutional and undemocratic. His inflexibility on the matter resulted in fiendish stigma, plots and plans – especially from his Manyu kith-and-kin – to politically squeeze him to dust.

As a man of caliber, he endured and survived the ‘hurricane’, and gained conscription into (or did he create?) the People’s Action Party (PAP), preparatory to the 2011 presidential election. His sympathizers acknowledged this as a bright action, especially as his participation in the election yielded a bright result (5th in the general classification of the results, out of over 20 contestants). This performance exposed him as a political heavy-weight, which ended up charming the SCNC. 

After a while of political courtship, the SCNC members found merit in him and recently elected him as their Chairman (even though he is yet to make a public pronouncement on the issue). Public Opinion however appears divided on the sociopolitical status of the personality under review: while some people, especially the SCNC sympathizers, consider him as a square peg in a square hole, others see him as a political flirt considering his third hop onto the SCNC, after the CPDM and PAP.

Recently, the Hon. Lord Justice AYAH Paul ABINE was appointed (by presidential decree) as Advocate General at the Supreme Court of Cameroon, dragging him back into the foliage of the CPDM-controlled government with whom he has been trading barbs over the years. Besides dampening the ‘comfort’ of his new found SCNC abode, the appointment has come/gone to divide public opinion as to whether the appointee should, or should not, accept it and accordingly assume office. 

It must be noted that before being an admirable politician, the man, Ayah Paul Abine, is, first and foremost, a judge by career. Therefore, based on his longevity and professional know-how and output,he, like any conscientious civil servant, deserves promotion anywhere within his professional field. The only person to effect such appointment is the President of the Republic based, of course, on the recommendations of the Higher Council of Magistracy (not the CPDM) that handles the careers of magistrates and higher judicial officers. Since the appointment was/is not politically motivated His Lordship Justice Ayah Paul deserves, as of right, the promotion (however belated) and should be warmly congratulated and highly encouraged to (a) accordingly assume office without hind thoughts and (b) continue to be the upright and courageous person he has ever been. After all, success is not very much the position one had attained in life as by the obstacles one has overcome while struggling to succeed.

Therefore, to the Hon. Lord Justice Ayah Paul, Law first!

Courage Brother

Jesse Konang, Buea.


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