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Mark Bareta Lampoons French Cameroun’s Window-dressing National Dialogue Follow up



Mark Bareta Lampoons French Cameroun’s Window-dressing National Dialogue Follow up

By Mbah Godlove.

Ambazonian activist and front line leader, Mark Bareta has described a meeting organized by the colonial regime of French Cameroun to follow up the implementation of a Biya convened National Dialogue as a mere waste of time and tax payers money.

In September 2019, the regime of occupation, under the auspices of colonial Prime Minister, Joseph Dion Ngute led a CPDM rally in the name of an all inclusive National Dialogue to deescalate the ongoing tension in Ambazonia.

One year after the CPDM come together, Mark Bareta feels that a meeting held in Yaoundé to evaluate the soul called National Dialogue resolutions is of no stakes.

To him, the Biya regime is only looking for ways to derail International attention on its poor human records in Ambazonia.

” I believe that the terrorists regime has run out of options as far as the Ambazonia struggle for freedom is concerned. It is only fighting to gain time and to divert the attention of world powers,” he said.

It is worth mentioning that all cosmetic decisions sought by La Republic du Cameroun are only worsening the ongoing Ambazonian War Of Independence which is nearing a fourth year.

The creation of of a bilingualism commission, Disarmament and reintegration committee as well as the enactment of a bill to foster decentralisation have only exacerbated the conflict.

Mark Bareta told BN that playing time was over, stressing that Ambazonians were headed for either independence or nothing else.

He stressed that having recorded nearly 20,000 deaths is a lesson that should only result in the independence of Ambazonia.

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