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IG Warns CAF On Stakes Surrounding CHAN



IG Warns CAF On Stakes Surrounding CHAN

By Mbah Godlove

The Vice President of the Ambazonian Interim Government has told the Confederation of Africa Football that Victoria is not safe to host the Africa Football Championship.

In an official statement released recently, Dabney Herima intimated that it would be a gross disrespect of their sovereignty, should the Victoria stadium host the competition.

“With regards to the forthcoming Africa Cup of Nations, Ambazonia Intelligence Service (AIS) briefed the Interim Government on sophisticated new strategies that would be employed to defend our national interest. We have informed French Cameroun and nations participating in this tournament that any attempt to bring its activities to Ambazonia would be considered a deliberate violation of our sovereignty, and our response will be prompt and definite,” Vice President Dabney Yerima said.

The Victoria Stadium had been illegally chosen to entertain marches of Poll D, which include Namibia, Zambia, Guinea, and Tanzania.

Barely a week to Kickstart the tournament, CAF has been told of the current state of insecurity in Ambazonia.

Meantime, the colonial regime of French Cameroun, in a statement, Friday, January 8, claimed that all security measures were being taken to ensure a hitch-free event.

Earlier in 2019, CAF tripped off French Cameroun from hosting the AFCON; citing insecurity concerns in Ambazonia.

It remains unclear why the Africa Football managing body reserved the CHAN hosting right to the alien government at a time the Ambazonian war of independence is rather deteriorating.

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