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Ambazonia Forces Confirm: Christmas and New Year Celebrations to Be Indoors Amid Ongoing Ghost Town Operations



Ambazonia Forces Confirm: Christmas and New Year Celebrations to Be Indoors Amid Ongoing Ghost Town Operations

By Mbah Godlove

In response to the lingering question of whether Christmas and New Year would see a temporary halt to ghost town operations, Ambazonia forces have provided a resounding answer: celebrations are to be held indoors.

The anticipation surrounding the possibility of a ceasefire during the festive season was addressed in a recent televised video message by a commander and spokesman of the Ambazonia Peoples Liberation Council (APLC). The message conveyed a firm stance, indicating that the sounds of gunfire would persist during Christmas and New Year, advising Ambazonians to celebrate within the safety of their homes.

Drawing inspiration from global conflicts, the commander referenced the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, stating that even in Jesus’ birthplace, the land of Israel, the guns do not fall silent for Christmas. He emphasized the importance of maintaining ghost town operations, citing the sacrifice made by Ambazonians since 2017. The commander argued that suspending ghost town activities for two consecutive weeks would jeopardize the legacy of this form of civil resistance.

This announcement comes at a time when colonial officials are grappling with the economic impact of prolonged ghost town activities, hindering their ability to sustain the war against Ambazonia that began seven years ago. Despite some speculating on the possibility of a temporary pause for the holidays, the commander stressed the ongoing commitment to the ghost town legacy, emphasizing its significance in the resistance against colonial forces.

This decision aligns with the broader strategy of Ambazonia forces, highlighting the complexities surrounding the prospect of a ceasefire during the festive season and underscoring the challenges in reaching any agreement that would be honored by colonial soldiers.

As the countdown to Christmas and New Year begins, the situation in Ambazonia remains tense, with the continuation of ghost town operations shaping the landscape of the ongoing struggle for self-determination.

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