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Kumbo: Capture of Live Colonial Soldier Leaves Locals Astonished



mass murder scheme in ambazonia

Capture of Live Colonial Soldier Leaves Locals Astonished

Residents of the Squares locality in Kumbo, Bui County, in the northern zone, were left in awe as Ambazonia forces recently apprehended a French Cameroun soldier in sound health. The captured soldier, clad in various attire at the time of his arrest, has been positively identified as a member of the National Gendarmerie, a French colonial force imposed on La République du Cameroun in 1960.


The colonial gendarme officer was seized in broad daylight, and the community has been effusive in their admiration for the courage displayed by the freedom fighters, who remain unwavering in their pursuit of complete liberation for Ambazonia.


While the exact fate of the captured soldier remains uncertain, it is possible that he may be used to assist in locating his comrades who, under the influence of directives from Yaoundé, have been involved in harming innocent civilians.

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