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Genocide in Ambazonia Continues as Mass Graves are Uncovered in Mamfe






Genocide in Ambazonia Continues as Mass Graves are Uncovered in Mamfe

BaretaNews, can now confirm an earlier report by a sister blog, Cameroon Concord, yesterday 28th December, 2017, on the discovery of fresh mass graves in Mamfe, Manyu County, in the Southern Zone of Ambazonia. No need to remind our readers that Manyu County is the epicentre of the Octogenarian, Paul Biya’s declared war on Ambazonians.

According to reports, the mass graves appeared to belong to innocent Ambazonians who had been extra judicially executed by the colonial forces of La Republique du Cameroun (LRC), deployed to combat faceless forces in Manyu. After being mesmerized by the invisible revolutionary forces, the imperial forces have now turned their frustrations and anger to the innocent local masses.

The mass graves, were reported to have been uncovered behind the old council office in Mamfe town, the capital city of Manyu County. According to confirmed report, one of the mass graves contained at least 10 copses of young Ambazonians from; Eshobi, Egbekaw, Besongabang and Dadi among others.

While some of these young boys were shot on sight in their various villages by colonial forces, Some were those forced out of the Mamfe gendarmerie, and executed after the attack on the Egbekaw gendarmerie post.

According to local human rights activists in Mamfe, the number and identity of the bodies in the second mass grave could not be immediately ascertained. A Staff of the Mamfe Council, who did not want to be named, also acknowledged that two mass graves were discovered, but refused to comment further on the issue. It is worthy to note that, Comrade Akoson Pauline of AmbaNews, had a few weeks back reported the use of prisoners from the Mamfe Central prison, by colonial forces, to provide labour in the digging of mass graves.

In a phone conversation with sources on ground, they corroborated that the two mass graves were discovered by local citizens. They had scented a rotten smell, with huge flies and insects around the vicinity, before checking, just to realize that they were mass graves. Officials of the Mamfe Council, have confirmed the mass graved victims, to be all bonafide citizens to Manyu, which the Yaounde regime considers to be “secessionists terrorists”.

The discovery of two fresh mass graves in Manyu, reminds Ambazonians of the post October, 1st 2017, mass grave in Mile 16 Buea, where executed peaceful protesters were dumped. Till date, no government investigation has been carried out after its uncovering by the Post Newspaper, to find to the circumstances surrounding the mass burial and the identity of the corpses.

BaretaNews therefore continues to call on the attention of the international community, to take note of the genocidal atrocities of Paul Biya and his forces. Since the international community and other stakeholders have decided to be complacent to the annihilation and cry of the Ambazonian people, we only hope that justice not will not escape the rogue regime and all master minders of these ruthless massacre.

However, Ambazonians cannot afford to sit and watch themselves and their families being slaughtered by conscienceless colonial forces, in the name of fighting terrorism. This is why BaretaNews shall continue to call and encourage the people to defend themselves by all means possible. It will be hilarious to die in defense of themselves and families, than to be killed while hiding from the enemy.

James Agbor, BaretaNews Political Analyst.

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