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Gabonese Flood Into Cameroon



Reports from South of Cameroon indicates that Gabonese have been running away from Post-election violence. They are flooding into the country through the Kyo-Osi border

President Ali Bongo, Incumbent President was declared winner last week Saturday and since then Gabonese have been crossing Cameroon border by foot. Cameroun Government has reportedly sent military and gendarmerie officials into the border to ensure control.

The Post-election violence has resulted in food prices dropping woefully and many foodstuff destined into Gabon are heavily getting bad.

A Cameroonian when contacted stated “The Gabonese should be ashamed to seek refuge in Cameroon. They have always chased Cameroonians out of Gabon. They have never thought, for a second, that something would ever happen to them to also come to Cameroon. Imagine that we Cameroonians want to retaliate and block the way for them or send them back-to-sender” reports the Post Newspaper

The EU has recently said the electoral votes clearly showed an anomaly in Ali Bongo’s stronghold and calls for a recount. The French Ministry has also declared that their citizens are uncounted for, a charge the foreign Ministry in Gabon refused by saying that Gabonese with double nationalities are hiding under the French nationality.
The African Union meanwhile has dispatched a team of Head Of States into the troubled area to initiate dialogue between Ali Bongo and Jean Ping

Thousands of Gabonese have been arrested with at least 3 reportedly died as a result of the protest.

Ali Bongo reportedly got 49.80 percent against 48.23 percent for Jean Ping in the one-round Presidential poll that held on August 27, 2016. Jean Ping still maintains he is the rightful winner

God is still saying something.

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