Enforcing Independence Restoration: Process Ongoing






The risk of getting carried away by things that are just related to the independence of Ambazonia instead of focusing on enforcing the independence itself is more than ever high right now. In the heat of mourning, anger and thirst for revenge we can easily forget what led us to where we are right now. While the enemy and oppressors continue with the carnage and atrocities, they are also watching closely to see whether it was a mere declaration and we have given up.

Personally I hold onto the opinion that we should strike the iron when it is still hot. The independence of Ambazonia is still very hot. The blood of our citizens slaughtered on independence declaration day is still very hot. All eyes are on the crisis right now. It would be a mistake to slow down, let everything get cold and quiet before we mobilize to rise again.

What trivialities should we not focus on?
Celebrating the fact that the crisis is making news headlines. This is a common distraction. It takes away attention on the main goal and then disappears in a few days making way for new headlines. If making headlines helps to publicize the crisis, focusing on aspects that enforce the independence is what will keep the issue in the news. Focus on making new news rather than celebrating what is already in the news.

Spending precious time talking about what high-profile persons have said about the crisis. Heads of states and organizations are more often than not very vague and careful about what they say about conflicts because they are usually connected in some way to the root cause of the same conflict or are double dealing. Chasing after why they are not saying anything or why they said what they said is just a distraction.

We shouldn’t vituperate actions without taking measures to enforce what we believe is right. We can call the enemy all the bad names but that won’t change his actions. Whining is a waste of time and a thing for losers.
Some independence enforcement tips to focus on:

1. Burying our dead citizens and beloved ones honorably: The oppressor has now resorted to stealing corpses because they have realized that the burials of the persons they killed will be proof enough of their horrible acts. Communities in possession of corpses of beloved ones should mobilize to give them proper state burials with at least a flag and the singing of our anthem. Communities that have lost corpses of their beloved ones to the oppressor should organize vigils demanding for the bodies.

2. Publish a draft constitution: Since this is the foundation of a country we need one, even if it is a draft right now. We need it available for all citizens of Ambazonia to be able to download and read. It is that draft that will instill in us the basic knowledge of the things that define a country. That document is what can boost our confidence right now in shifting away from the rubbish colonial constitution that has kept us subjugated for decades. Don’t wait to make it perfect before showing the people. We shall perfect it collectively. That’s what will make us different from La Republique du Cameroun’s shady style of nation building.

3. Conducting local censuses: A fully functional state would do this officially but doing it now at village level or even quarter level is an action that shows that our citizens have taken power from the oppressor. We have an Internet platform that facilitates this action but we know how limited it is when it comes to reaching all our people. Locally this can be done through a timeline set by The Governing Council. A deadline for all family heads to submit the desired information to their quarter head. Then a deadline for all quarter heads to submit all the information collected from family heads to village heads, then a deadline for all village heads to send the information collected to The Governing Council. If we can publish a head count of our people per county, gender, age, etc. without using data from the oppressor, it is big proof that we are enforcing the independence we declared and without confronting or needing them in anyway.

4. Shortlisting community opinion leaders: Community opinion leaders are persons of good moral standing as judged by the locals, god-fearing, young and ideally residing permanently in the locality in question. Preferably, these leaders shouldn’t be our chiefs but should work with them. Localities should be allowed to have more than one opinion leader but may be 3 at most. All community opinion leaders should be in direct contact with the department of homeland affairs at The Governing Council.

5. New nation building tips in the vernacular on TV: Our new nation’s pride, The Southern Cameroons Broadcasting Television should schedule special programs during which people from various counties can speak to our people in the vernacular about issues regarding nation building and how to completely cut off connections with the oppressor. This can be done in such an organized way that the TV program schedule can state clearly on which days of the week and time which language from which county will be on air. Our people need to listen to new nation building tips in their own local language, not in the colonial languages they have been terrorized with for so long. SCBC TV, I dare you to produce the first professional news broadcast. It will be a major step ahead and I trust you can do it.

6. Incentives for our children and parents to move towards our new education board: The Southern Cameroons Education Board needs to start with incentives considering that our children have been tuned off education for so long and many have even foolishly sought refuge with the oppressor. It is not enough to decree that they stay at home and wait for a better education system. Parents as well as children need incentives that give a clue to how nice that new system they are waiting for will be. Such incentives that go a long way to make it worth the trouble waiting include: Short instructive video tutorials on various topics in various subjects, quizzes, contests, scholarship offers at various levels, etc. The national anthem competition was an excellent example that got many people interested in the anthem even without competing. We need more of such contests about our culture, history, geography, science, language, fine arts, etc.

7. Fundraising: Until now, most people only focus on GoFundMe for fundraising for various reasons and we all know that the experience has not been so good so far. Other fundraising ideas might be better. For example: Well designed Amba paraphernalia like wall maps, stationery, utensils, clothing and electronics would sell like hot cake right now that we are all seeking to be noticed with our new identity. Although back home it is still a risk to have anything in those colors, those of us in the diasporas hold the big responsibility to keep those colors alive not only on social media but in real life. E-commerce experts, frontline groups time to set up those online shops and share the links instead of just creating GoFundMe links. Who doesn’t want to have something with the Amba insignia at home or in the office? It’s one subtle way to enforce our independence while raising funds.

8. Set up NGOs and charity groups for Ambazonia: Make sure the name of each organization includes Ambazonia or Southern Cameroons… These groups will help tackle the actual problems our people are facing on the ground financially, economically, psychologically, health wise, etc. If we don’t do this, sooner or later similar groups from La Republique du Cameroun, our oppressor will show up with their hypocritical actions and our people as vulnerable as they are right now will fall prey. Many NGOs and charity groups would willingly help if groups from Ambazonia approached them right now for specific issues. Their actions would contribute more to the recognition of our new state.

9. Re-branding Ambazonia: Type Ambazonia or Southern Cameroons in any search engine and take a look at the results especially the images. Those results all came from us because we wanted to expose what is going on. However, there is another side to it, which is disadvantageous to us. South Africa has a government department called Brand South Africa, which does everything that polishes and sells the name of the country. We need that as soon as we can to promote the new nation we want to build but it has to start from all of us on social media, bloggers, writers, newscasters, etc. Choose images carefully and mind what you say. It’s time to start portraying more positive images of the new republic of Ambazonia. That’s independence enforcement and soon we will be standing out and looking very much different from the neighbor we are breaking away from. For now we’re still very much associated with the horrible brand image of La Republique du Cameroun.

10. Publish nation-building surveys: The Governing Council, our supreme body for now should think about publishing a nation building survey or a series of surveys under various sectors. This will keep citizens focused on brainstorming and contributing ideas to new nation building rather than chasing after trivialities. It will give us a sense of purpose and direction. It will be the first step to show that Ambazonians will really build this new nation of ours, not a select group of individuals as the case was for the past half century with our oppressor. Let there be surveys in very sector to poll opinions from millions of educated Ambazonians both at home and abroad. A contact email address to The Governing Council for contributions is not enough

In my humble opinion, these tips above and many more could help keep us focused on enforcing the independence we declared on October 1st instead of licking our wounds, lamenting all day long, hurting ourselves and losing valuable energy. The true test of our resolve to build a nation begins now and the enemy is watching. Even the international community we expect to back us in the process is also watching to see if it is worth the trouble


Ndoh Emmanuel

BaretaNews Contributor

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Otto Ama


  1. Carin Blanche

    October 9, 2017 at 11:56 AM

    pls I have a question, who will be the people to do all these?? I mean supervise the activities?? is it our unarmed youths again? will HE Ayuk n odas come n do all dat so that pple can follow behind n help?? Leadership is a life style not a command. so all these who will be sent into the fields?? will we have an army to protect us from the increased number of LRP police here???. pls I need answers!

    • George

      October 9, 2017 at 12:09 PM

      To form small groups of 5 to 10 persons would be good. For now only underground and hidden operations can be done. I know that in Manyu people already smuggle firearms in. The SDO is one of the main targets. If I would be him better to leave that place. My people told me that the army suffered heavy causalties in the night between 30.09. to 01.10..

      • Malis

        October 9, 2017 at 3:42 PM

        Exactly. All operation are underground, no public notice.

        @Carin Blanche:
        Be ready for anything, be prepared, stock your house with food, buy solar cells, generators, huge containers for water. Don’t ask questions, just be ready and you will be fine.

        Absolutely no information is going public.

  2. George

    October 9, 2017 at 12:01 PM

    Many good ideas. Thanks Ndoh Emmanuel.

  3. Ghost

    October 9, 2017 at 2:15 PM

    Thank God fr this Piece n blanche dnt rush we shld strt with the easiest tips b4 the GC to wld help us.The Constitution is vry important bcuz this wld make the pple Know the kind of Government They’re willing to be governed by. But a Parliamentary System like that of Britain wld seduce the Queen to our course.

  4. Malis

    October 9, 2017 at 3:58 PM

    Very nice.

    I think The GC is working on this.

    I expect the GC not to go public and announce everything just to please people. We must learn that this is what cause us a lot of problem in the past. We did went public with out stuff too much.

    We must be prepared for all eventualities, stock our house with food, buy solar cells, generators, huge containers for water. Don’t ask questions, just be ready and you will be fine.

    All what matters now is not knowing what is to be done but instead seeing the end result of what is to be done.

    Things are only getting started. LRC will see hell. Those stinking BIR and foreign armies will flee like flies. We are going to reinvent the art of war. They will be fighting a ghost they can’t see or touch.

  5. George

    October 9, 2017 at 4:22 PM

    The strongest weapon we have is the idea of this state. The vision of a true democracy. Ambazonia shall be exactly the opposite what we had the last 56 years. A draft constitution is a very good thing. The people need to understand for what they fight for. The blueprint needs to be further developed.

  6. Pa Dee

    October 10, 2017 at 2:12 AM

    Point 2 was my biggest expectation on October 1st which the GC didn’t deliver. I was really disappointed. When you declare the restoration of a state, there is nothing better to do next than to show the people the document that forms the foundation of the country. That draft document is what leaders and the people of Ambazonia pledge their loyalty to (we sing that line every time in our anthem).
    The GC has come up with some speeches and press releases again in the last few days and this expectation is still missing.
    Wondering what the legal department has been working on since SCACUF was formed.

    Well it is not too late.
    Still waiting …
    This doesn’t involve confronting soldiers of La Republique so no excuses.

  7. Anumbondem Augustine

    October 10, 2017 at 9:10 PM

    I think ambazonia has gone pass the level of returning to slavery. The population home needs lots of encouragement and most importantly the assurances of a new wonderful nation. LRC has bend at intimidating our people and making then loose a sense of focus. Greatly expecting a draft of our constitution

  8. Pa Dee

    October 11, 2017 at 3:49 AM

    We hope that constitution will come up soon, at least just the draft.

  9. Pompidou Mensah

    October 11, 2017 at 7:52 AM

    Again lots of ideas, ” we should do that, they should do that” Why not be proactive. I am contributing monthly to SCACUF. I prefer their site to GoFunde me. You don’t know what they are are doing, I will stay away from them unless you know what they are doing. They ask for too much personal info I have friends from South Africa, Sudan, Zambia who are making one time donations to SCACUF and can see results. AS for direct help back home for burials and medical support, I wish someone can set up something credible for immediate tranfers to credible people to reach the VICTIMS, show me and I will contribute; this will be faster than SCACUF and direct.SCBC should deliver some classes for kindargaten. Electronic courses should be produced online or on CDs and laptops to help secondary and universities. A Syllabus should be drawn up.If SCACUF and all are reading, let’s not be shy to ask for help, EVEN back to London GCE for now. There are many retired teachers in North America, Europe and Australia who are willing to help for free. Microsoft. Google and Facebook can help with virtual classrooms. Our students are then tested on standardised recognised tests like TUEFEL SAT etc so our students don’t miss another year. From the economic front: DON’T BUY larepublique products, brassaries, cimencam, no musical products, no clothes, no lions indomitable paraphelnelia, DON’T speak french among yourselves, buy from neighbours, tailors and local business people.No soccer or football craziness, no Gambling, no red wine, champagne, designer clothes or hair products from larepublique. I challenge someone to set up a money transfer system to be controlled at home, POST here or on Facebook, if even possible in Nigeria

  10. Emmanuel

    October 11, 2017 at 10:05 AM

    We are leaving in theend times.read the bible for more information
    .I’m not in supportsupport of violence.

  11. Niba Azabu

    October 13, 2017 at 8:03 AM

    We need to start issuing birth certificates for all newborn Ambazonian citizens. The birth certificates should have a coding system eg if the father is from meme and mother from bui we could write me81/bu90 to indicate that the father was born in 1981 in meme and mother in 1990 from bui. This is just an example. At the end the codes will be unique and it will be possible to trace all our countrymen

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