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Former UBSU leader and political activist NKONGHO NDIP NKONGHO, is now calling on all southern Cameroonians home and abroad to open their eyes and see SCEXIT as the only way forward. He says having a Referendum for the prestigious people of southern Cameroon to choose where they wish to belong is now a necessity. In continuation, he said people are taking their country back; our colonial master Britain, through a peaceful exercise of self-determination by a referendum (BREXIT) took their country back from EU and called it a matter of identity and pride of their Nation. The UK exit from the EU should be seen as an eye opener for all former colonies of Great Britain who were forced into a political union with other countries.

In his own words, he mentioned: “As UK sneezes in the BREXIT, it should be an incumbent that all her former colonies especially her former Britain southern Cameroon should catch a cold in a Southern Cameroon Exit – SCEXIT”.

Following the example of BREXIT, it will be a good idea for African governments to emulate Britain’s courage to sample the opinion of their citizens in relation to their future and self-determination. In this regard, Britain and other Western powers like the USA should pressure Cameroun government to conduct a similar referendum in the country in which Cameroonian citizens could be asked for the first time if they wanted to stay in the Cameroons Union.

Cameroon, as we all know, is the product of a union which took place in 1961 between the French Speaking Cameroun Republic and the British Southern Cameroons. The union took place without any formal union treaty being signed between the two parties. The result is that no instrument of ratification was sent to the UN Secretariat in accordance with article 102 of the UN Charter. In conclusion, The 11th February 1961 Referendum in Southern Cameroons was a matter of expressions. The people expressed their desire to join La Republique in a Federation. There were series of things that needed to take place to make the Union legal and formal. None of that took place till now as I write.

By contrast, the Tanzanians were diligent in not making the same mistake as Cameroon. The Tanzanian Union Treaty between Tanganyika and Zanzibar was signed on 22 April 1964. The parliament of Tanganyika ratified the union treaty on 25 April 1964 and filed the instrument of ratification to the UN Secretariat in accordance with article 102 of the UN Charter. It is only on the basis of this ratification instrument that Tanzania can claim that its territorial waters extend to 12 nautical miles east of Zanzibar.

We have been waiting patiently for the restoration of our country for a very long time now. So many of our comrades have died in the course, others imprisoned and other went into exile never to see their sweet home again. As a matter of Assurance to all, we the people of Southern Cameroon shall never forget our native land, we shall never forget our Home and the SCEXIT vote is about identity and pride of our country. It is not about correcting historical mistakes. I say now and only now is the time to right the wrongs of history

We have done a lot of diplomatic works and now we do have all it takes to be a Nation. We already have a National Anthem, a flag, a well-defined boundary. Remember On 20th May 2010, the United Nation’s 64th President of the general Assembly, Ali Triki was in Yaounde. He handed to President Paul Biya two beautiful maps. This was reported by CRTV ( Cameroon Radio and Television ) and the State-owned newspaper (Cameroon Tribune). The President gift to Paul Biya at the Unity Palace was a two well-framed maps- a large framed map of La Republique du Cameroon, with an international boundary separating LRC and the Southern Cameroons. The second was the map of the British Cameroons, with an international boundary separating the Southern Cameroons and Northern Cameroons. We also do have a passport although still to be recognized by many international bodies and so much more.

So many prominent southern Cameroonian Elites are now calling for the right of self-determination for a referendum. For example, In January 2016, Nfor N Susungi wrote on Failure of the Tontine Union And The Rise Of SCEXIT. Also on July 13, 2016, Dr. Tumasang Argues For SCEXIT, Makes Legal Case For Southern Cameroons.
It is worth mentioning that South Sudan broke away from Sudan in 2011 following a successful referendum to ease that region of protracted fratricidal wars. Redrawing the map or review of territories imposed by the colonial administration with the goal of bringing people who share a common bond and homogeneous culture will contribute to less violence in some regions of the world.

Echoing the words of Cardinal Christian Tumi in an interview he granted, he said that the divide between Anglophone and Francophone Cameroons has grown so wide and big that if another referendum was to be conducted today, Anglophones will without hesitation, vote to leave the union.

BaretaNews last year took the challenge to test the resolve of Southern Cameroonians through an online referendum. 1200 Southern Cameroonians (Anglophones) participated in the poll. The online poll ran from the 8th July 2015 to 8th August 2015 and was widely reported by Cameroon Anglophone Newspapers.

Recently information filtering in from senior citizen and veteran Southern Cameroons activist, Mola Njoh Litumbe indicates that the United Nations (UN) needs two million signatures from Southern Cameroonians to begin the Southern Cameroons independence process. Mola Njoh made the declaration on August 28th, 2016 after making a high-level delegation to the UN . The meeting with UN officials yielded fruits- Mola.

We are already on a good foot and we urge the United Nation and other western powers to support our course, to support our cry and to support SCEXIT as the ONLY solution for the southern Cameroonian people. The UN and others should not wait until when we start killing ourselves before they can come in. Many have already suggested and predicted a serious war situation in Cameroon if the Southern Cameroon situation is not handed with much care. The matter at hand is pregnan- Nkongho concluded.

God is still saying something.

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