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Anglophone Traditional Rulers To Rally In Kumba



Information reaching BaretaNews suggests traditional rulers from the North West and South West Regions will have a stormy meeting in Kumba on Monday 3rd October 2016 with top on their agenda being the worrying state of Anglophone marginalization,

A high profile Fon from the North West Region who spoke with anonymity hinted BaretaNews. He revealed that the meeting will be attended heavily by traditional rulers from both sides of Anglophone Cameroon. One of their major concern is the treatment of the English language in almost every official business in the country. They are angry with government treatment of the language in conducting official businesses.


However, the traditional rulers hold their argument in Section 1, paragraph 3 of the 1996 constitution as amended by law no. 2008/001 of 14 April 2008, which spoke about the equal use of both languages.

The forthcoming meeting we are told is scheduled to take place at the Palace of the Paramount Ruler of the Bafaws, Senator Nfon V.E Mukete. The meeting will end with a strongly worded letter to Paul Biya about the Anglophone problem.

Many other pressure groups in recent times have reacted to the continuous marginalization of Anglophone Cameroon. Groups such as the South West Elite Association, SWELA, Common Law Lawyers, Anglophone teacher syndicates as well as the South West Chiefs’ Conference, SWECC, have been vocal of late. about the injustices that their fellow Anglophones suffer from the hands of Francophones in this country. Nfon Mukete, in a number of instances, has been vociferously vocal about Anglophone marginalisation. We recall when he threatened to walk out in Kumba when an envoy of the First Lady Chantal Biya was about addressing kids in the French language. Also, Mukete petitioned the Minister of Communication, suggesting that Cameroon Tribune be returned to its dual publication system (of English and French editions) as it was in the yesteryears.

BaretaNews notes that this is the umpteenth time traditional rulers, elites from Anglophone Cameroon have been complaining about marginalisation and the use of the English language. The government of Cameroun has always given a deaf ear. In fact, the traditional rulers, and elites themselves have never been so serious in putting pressure on the government. There is no strategy in place and most often than not, these type of meetings ends up with long communiqué without forgetting their usual motion of support to the President. BaretaNews holds the opinion that the day these traditional rulers and elites will hold the bull by the horn and work collectively, Biya will listen. As of now, Biya is in the position of strength. These rulers and elites must be able to present themselves at a position of strength. Coming together now and then to write long communiqués, eat, drink and sleep in a good hotel cannot change anything.

God is still saying something.

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