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United In 2 States Federation- Anglophones In Belgium Declare



Anglophone Cameroonians based in Belgium expressed their support today Friday, November 25th, 2015 for the current struggle for Anglophone Cameroon survival at the Cameroun Embassy in Brussels, Capital of the European Union. The enthusiasm showed by Southern Cameroonians today at Brussels was up the to the mark.

The leaders of the movement let by Bara Mark read out the protest memorandum which was handed at the Cameroun embassy. Amongst which, they concluded:

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  • That we totally reject and condemn all forms of molestation meted on the Common Law Lawyers. We call on the immediate identification and sanctions of those involved in these barbaric acts;
  • That we lend our total and unconditional support to the Common Law Lawyers as they seek to achieve all the points raised as grievances seeking redress as addressed in their memo to the Minister of Justice & Keeper of the Seals;
  • We condemn in the strongest terms possible the violence meted on the people of Bamenda and call for the immediate withdrawal of all troops from all cities and towns in Anglophone Cameroon;
  • That we resolve as one man to support and ensure the continuity of the ongoing sit-in strike actions as agreed by both the lawyers & teachers;
  • That in a similar manner, we align totally and completely with the teachers of Anglophone extraction and their legitimate claims aimed at preserving and protecting the English sub-system of education;
  • We call on the Government of Cameroun to release all political prisoners in former British Southern Cameroons. As citizens, it is their express political rights to uphold different ideologies;
  • And finally that in order to achieve this and be certain that these values will be safe and protected for future generations of Anglophones, we demand a return to the 1961 two-state federal system of government in which Anglophones and francophones shall be able to live side by side in love and peace with each other while maintaining our bicultural heritage without any being threatened by the other.

NB: In the event that the government fails to amicably resolve and negotiate peacefully with the people of the Southern Cameroons, we shall not hesitate to throw our weight and render our support in whatever means deemed appropriate to get a total and unconditional restoration of a Southern Cameroons state.

Mark Bara

For BaretaNews.

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