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Interim Government of Ambazonia Creates State-Own Satellite Television



Interim Government of Buea

Interim Government of Ambazonia Creates State-Own Satellite Television

The Interim Government (IG) of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia, has announced the creation of a state-own satellite television dubbed; ABC AMBA TV.

In a public notice number CoS-FRA 002/18, signed on July 30, 2018, the Chief of Staff to the IG, Professor Martin Ayim revealed that ABC Amba tv is going to be the only television where for the interest of Ambazonians, the government will fully control the editorial policies and messaging. He added that the tv is going to be of better quality, cost the Ambazonian people less, and also cover the entire continent of Africa.

According to the IG, It’s the only TV she is going to be funding and emphasized that no one penny from my trip to Buea (MTTB) funds will be used to fund the television. Based on this, It wouldn’t be wrong therefore to say that the television is a free will donation to the people of Ambazonia through the IG by a good will Ambazonian(s).

“ABC Amba TV will be run by a Director not a CEO nominated by the Government. Because ABC Amba TV is owned by the People of Ambazonia with Government as custodian, it will never be privatized. It will remain a Public service News Outlet of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.”

“The Interim Government blesses and encourages business-like models like SCBC but will not fund them nor engage in privatization in any equation. ABC Amba TV will be up and running in under two Weeks.” The notice concluded.

The creation of ABC Amba tv comes after a series of disagreements between the IG and the executive board of the Southern Cameroons Broadcasting Corporation (SCBC) on management and editorial issues. According to Chris Anu, Secretary of States for Communication and ICT, SCBC has not been the property of the people of Ambazonia as earlier claimed by its management and so leading to disagreements on editorial and management issues.


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