Interim Government of Ambazonia Creates State-Own Satellite Television

Interim Government of Buea

Interim Government of Ambazonia Creates State-Own Satellite Television

The Interim Government (IG) of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia, has announced the creation of a state-own satellite television dubbed; ABC AMBA TV.

In a public notice number CoS-FRA 002/18, signed on July 30, 2018, the Chief of Staff to the IG, Professor Martin Ayim revealed that ABC Amba tv is going to be the only television where for the interest of Ambazonians, the government will fully control the editorial policies and messaging. He added that the tv is going to be of better quality, cost the Ambazonian people less, and also cover the entire continent of Africa.

According to the IG, It’s the only TV she is going to be funding and emphasized that no one penny from my trip to Buea (MTTB) funds will be used to fund the television. Based on this, It wouldn’t be wrong therefore to say that the television is a free will donation to the people of Ambazonia through the IG by a good will Ambazonian(s).

“ABC Amba TV will be run by a Director not a CEO nominated by the Government. Because ABC Amba TV is owned by the People of Ambazonia with Government as custodian, it will never be privatized. It will remain a Public service News Outlet of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.”

“The Interim Government blesses and encourages business-like models like SCBC but will not fund them nor engage in privatization in any equation. ABC Amba TV will be up and running in under two Weeks.” The notice concluded.

The creation of ABC Amba tv comes after a series of disagreements between the IG and the executive board of the Southern Cameroons Broadcasting Corporation (SCBC) on management and editorial issues. According to Chris Anu, Secretary of States for Communication and ICT, SCBC has not been the property of the people of Ambazonia as earlier claimed by its management and so leading to disagreements on editorial and management issues.


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  1. Ndoh Emmanuel

    August 1, 2018 at 3:17 AM

    It is one of the worst moves by the IG so far. In fact a double shot on the IG’s foot. Whatever grievances the IG had against SCBC, the reasonable thing to do was to settle the issues amicably. Creating a new Tv station at this critical time is a big misplaced priority.

    And why is the IG so quick to point out that no cent from the MTTB fund shall be used to fund the project? The same IG that said not so long ago that MTTB wasn’t an IG initiative but a side project.

    There is no sense in discrediting SCBC just because it is set up in a way that the IG doesn’t like.

    You can create a hundred TV channels, it will simply take away the trust and confidence we all had in the IG until now.

    This decision has Chris Anu written all over it. If that be the case Mr. Secretary, if you remember how much Milan Atam was criticized for calling the shots from behind the scenes in Sissiku’s government, you are right on the same path and the People of Ambazonia will not spare you.

    Where is your “radio one battery” you created recently?
    Creating a TV channel is nothing, keeping it running is the real deal and let me ask… will you also bully us into watching the new TV? Our loyalty to SCBC, morally and financially has just been strengthened and will remain unshaken.

    SCBC remains The People’s TV and the most laudable achievement by the people of Ambazonia. The unspoken reason for the move – your strategy to Americanize our liberation struggle will fail woefully. Moves like this one are the reason our fighters on ground zero are losing faith in Ambazonians in the diaspora by the day. We derail the energy that should power the struggle onto trivialities.

    So SCBC wasn’t IG-bound enough. You need to create a CRTV like channel that the IG can manipulate at will. Message well received. You are what we are running away from!

    What is wrong with us People of Ambazonia? Are we cursed or what? Why do we always shoot back at ourselves?

    • Mbeuh

      August 1, 2018 at 8:26 AM

      Mr. Emmanuel sir,

      I share your concern with the I G creating a government-owned TV channel. You write well sir but before chewing to pieces this move by the IG, I think you ought to have watched and analyzed Cris Anu’s presentation on why this TV station will be created. I also urge you to watch another video presentation by a couple of Ambazonians in South Africa who criticized the planned IG creation of a TV station, citing it just as you did, as misplaced priority. On my part, I weighed explanations from both parties and took into consideration the immediate response by The Southern Cameroons Congress of the People’s (SCCOP) spokesperson Dr.Fohtung before voicing my opinion. And my stance is that another TV station is a welcome move, much like the dozens of frontline fighters in our ongoing revolution to restore West Cameroon Statehood, who are all sporting/hoisting/singing Ambazonian flag, Ambazonian anthem and focused on reaching BUEA.

      Perhaps the disagreement that led to this idea of an IG TV station is a good thing, each station providing and serving as checks and balance. I listen to and watch videos of Dr. Akwanga, Dr. Ayaba, Boh Herbert, John Mbah Akuroh, Tapang Ivo, Dr. Sako, each of them committed to reaching Buea but shooting from a slightly different angle. If our new nation is to distinguish itself from the totalitarian French vassal state of LRC, Ambazonia should be one in which the voices of all and sundry must be heard and tolerated. Monopoly of the media gives rise to dictatorship and manipulation of the people, something we West Cameroonians have endured for decades under Ahidjo’s CNU and Biya’s CPDM governments.

      So, dear brother Emmanuel, to answer your last three questions, there’s nothing wrong with us Ambazonians, we are NOT cursed, and we are not shooting ourselves in the back with respect to the creation of another media outlet. I appreciate your write up and advocate for more civil debates on issues of import that impact on our collective goal of REACHING BUEA in the shortest possible time. Have a great midweek dear comrade. Aluta continua.

    • Bali Nyonga

      August 1, 2018 at 11:30 PM

      As a monthly citizenship levy-paying Ambazonian, a keen observer of the activities of individuals in this revolution, I whole heartedly endorse the move by the IG to open a new Tv station to keep driving revolutionary thoughts into ears of Ambazonians. I don’t have the time for a line by lone rebuttal of the above write-up but will ask people to observe themselves in silence as to what transpired leading up to the decision to have a new Tv station

  2. Papito

    August 1, 2018 at 8:22 AM

    Very good.
    Palapala don start.

  3. Massa Troki

    August 1, 2018 at 8:49 AM

    Another CRTV in disguise.

    Some of you, with your very large mandibles, hiding out there, especially in USA must be thinking Anglos are fools.

    IG or whatever, enjoy your show while it lasts.

    But don’t forget that your time of fame is almost over.

    IG is not different from Etoudi. It is all a MATTER of POWER and the CAKE.

    FREEING of ANGLOS is the very last AGENDA on your table.

    Ndoh Emmanu is very right there, Ambalanders back home are beginning to figure out the END GAME.

    And some would start scratching their bald heads when Ekema is going to take back full control of our FAKO, and abandon the likes of Anu-s with their TV stations, and we’ll wait for you guys to come and occupy Buea, and sing HOSANNA for you.

  4. Mukong

    August 1, 2018 at 8:21 PM

    Brother Mbeuh, thank you for an excellent rebuttal. We must learn to agree to disagree amicably rather than just follow and follow like zombies which is the cancer that has plagued LRC to this day.
    Personally, the creation of another tv Station should be a good idea. However, to initiate such an ambitious undertaking while the self defense forces at ground zero are poorly equipped raises more questions than answers.

  5. Pompidou Mensah

    August 2, 2018 at 1:12 AM

    Nobody has asked any Ambazonian to stop fighting for control of our country. The problem is some of us are too impatient. We have come a long way in just 1 year, other revolutions have taken much longer to get where we are today. A satellite radio station is an excellent idea, broadcast all over Africa to win public support from other Africans and the world. The Butcher of Ambazonia has been threatening to shut down SCBC let’s remember what happened to our leaders. Money talks, new president in South Africa, biya is a corruptor. Satellite will reach more people, more is better. Let’s wait and see the content, If everything is towards Buea then fine. Contribute in your way everyday, as a medical doctor, carpenter, benskinner, buyam sellam, politician, soldier, policeman or woman, electrician, musician, brick layer, iron bender, taximan, DJ, broadcaster, humanitarian, social worker, financial support from the diaspora, as village vigilantes, do what you can, don’t blame other groups except those that want another union with lrc.

  6. Malis

    August 2, 2018 at 2:56 PM

    With everything we have heard and seen and the silence of some, I can only say this is the right move.

    The IG should keep doing everything to create a truly unified front of those willing.

    We are waiting to see how ABC will function.

    We want to see all our activist the have united constantly on ABC.

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