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Communities Buying Whistles To Fight Against Military Abductions



mass murder scheme in ambazonia

Community Buying Whistle: Kumbo Leads


Whistle hocking the business of the day In kumbo

News coming in from kumbo in Bui County shows that, whistle hockers are Into some brisk business.

With threats of increasing soldiers in town and a feared increase In abductions, the security measure of using whistles to alert neighbours to come to the rescue of victims has become fashionable as the sales of whistles is rocket high in kumbo.

Whistle Selling In Kumbo

As advised by the leaders of the on going fight for the liberation, the whistle will be the easiest way to alert or call for rescue in the event of an attack by the forces of LRC. People should take note that two or three or even ten officers cannot over power the people. When you are in danger, sound your whistle. Whenever you hear a Whistle please run to the area and defend your brother/Sister. Whistle can also be use to alert a group or community to fall back when carrying some actions

All southern Cameroonians for fear of the military abductions have now indulged in buying their whistles. Therefore, communities are advised to buy their whistle

This picture was taken from Kumbo and interesting it has the colour of the colonial country. We will use its own colours to fight them. Soon we expect our traders to ditch those colours and get something different.


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