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I will be President of Ambaland-Balla in a locker Room Audio revealed.









Is Barrister Nkongho Felix Agbor Balla Playing a Double Faced Game with Yaoundé?

Since After his controversial comments on BBC about Schools Resumption, ghost towns and how he thinks Southern Cameroonians could arrive his two state Federation stand in the current revolutionary struggle, the relationship between Barrister Nkongho Felix Agbor Balla and Nationalist Southern Cameroonians has greatly deteriorated, as the people now see him more as a semi agent of the CPDM working hard to soften the hard independence stand of the people. Yesterday, 2nd November, 2017, the President of the outlawed Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium (CACSC) was billed to present a 20 minutes lecture with a questions and answers session at the Chatham House in UK, on the theme: Escalation of the Anglophone Crisis in Cameroon and the Way forward. Baretanews is still to get hold of the content of that presentation. We will bring it to you as soon as it is made available.

However, an audio recording, with a voice allegedly to be that of the Barrister has gone viral on social media. From the content of the audio, it would appear Barrister Balla is playing a double-faced game with the enemy state La Republique du Cameroon – deceiving them that physically that he stands for a 2 States Federal Cameroon, meanwhile in his heart, it is just a route to reach his final destination, which is the independence of Southern Cameroons where he wants to be the President. In the audio, Balla questions the longevity and tenacity of the Interim President of Ambazonia, H.E Sissiku J. Ayuk-Tabe and the Vice Chairman of the defunct Southern Cameroons Ambazonia Governing Council, Pa Tassang Wilfred in the revolutionary struggle, and even boasted that he will beat Sissiku in any election in Ambaland. Below is a script of some of the Barrister’s allege statements in the audio recording.

“No matter the hatred that people have for me today, I will be president of Ambaland.

I’ll not insult you that you are living in your fairy-tale world if you want secession.

‘If we have a Southern Cameroon State today, I’ll be the president. I am realistic so I want federalism so we can work towards secession.

I’ll beat Sessekou Ayuk in an election. I have an interest for us to have an Ambaland because I know I will be elected as the president.

I worked in Afghanistan and went to Congo and came back. What can someone tell me?

1999 I wrote a thesis on self-determination about southern Cameroon right to self-determination.

In 2002 I was with Albert MUKONG in the EU commission.

17 years ago, where was Tassang? 17 years ago, where was Sessekou?

What have you guys done by protesting outside embassies. I hear you guys are saying that I was released because of your protests?

In 2001 I protested with Cho Ayaba. To march in Europe is easy. I have done this already.

I have a pedigree that none of them have and they know that. That is why SCAFUF is scared of me. If I am invited to their conference to speak, none of them would be able to speak. I’ll ask them individually what they have done for the struggle. What all them are doing can’t match what I can do alone.”

If the above statements are truly coming from the Barrister, then we must say that he needs to take a leave from the struggle and reflect on all what he has said publicly so far since leaving Kondengue and see how he could realign himself to the genuine course of the people, not for a self seeking agenda, but for the interest of the families of hundreds of Southern Cameroonians who have shed their blood for this movement, those that have been handicapped for life, those that remain in prisons across Ambazonia and LRC, and the thousands that are presently taking refugee in Nigeria.

This is not the time for leadership or power tussling, this is the time to free the homeland. The people are seriously looking up to the leaders. Any leader’s ability to beat or not to beat whoever in an election in a completely restored Ambazonia shall be seriously dependent on their personal contributions NOW to free Ambaland and not how long you have been in the struggle.

We must understand that the beginner of the race is not the winner, but the finisher. Political power in a post revolutionary Ambaland shall not be acquired through your eloquence, or knowledge on and longevity in the Southern Cameroons struggle for independence, but by the will of GOD and of the PEOPLE of Southern Cameroons Ambazonia who shall be acting based on your genuine efforts to their Freedom. For how long shall we reiterate this fact?

By Agbor James

BaretaNews Political Analyst

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