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French Cameroun Must Take Lessons From Quenching Fire




Recently we have seen French Cameroun footballers in a back to school campaign in Southern Cameroons, the first and mockingly since the conflict began. They joined their CPDM genocidal Government in wrongly quenching the root cause of the war in Ambazonia

A lesson from fire

The conflict in Cameroon’s Anglophone regions between armed separatists and the government of Cameroon has touched many people. Many are moved to take action to help bring peace. However, just as with a fire outbreak, everyone running into a crisis to quench the conflict could spell danger.

Clumsy thinking still has many people believing water is the first thing to apply in a fire disaster. However, in an electricy generated fire, petrol fire, gas fire or other chemical source fires, water will actually empower the fire. The flames will leap tenfold as water gives their combustion element kinetic energy. Water will even provoke some explosions.

Beware of watering the fire of the Cameroon Anglophone conflict. Sometimes it’s better to let sleeping dogs lie.

French Cameroun Football Stars In Shameful Back To School Campaign

Some fires just need the oxygen source to be cut. The oxygen source here is the root of the Anglophone crisis. Other fires will weaken if chemical foam is applied. For some, you just have to withdraw the charcoal. And for others, fire retardant or confining while better help arrives is the right approach.

You could contend that the way some campaigns targeting NW and SW regions have been run is akin to using water to quench electric and petrol fires.

Conflict intervention is a delicate issue. Reason why most sanctions, campaigns and arms embargoes have failed to end many conflicts around the world.

Do not fuel the flames and make an already bad situation worse.

Pidgin summary:

I talk say you fit want greet person, if you no pronounce well, you fit talk say “g’afternoon” and the person hear na: halfnose! You fit want help person give ye chop. But ye fit think say na cush you want cush am. Na trouble go increase with ya neighbour. No add kerosene for fire for NW and SW regions.

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