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Mfoundi Patriarchs Cacophony: A Microcosm Of La Republique’s Exploitation Of Southern Cameroons








A three-page document circulated on social media recently, aligned some persons representing the Association of Patriarchs (wise men of Beti) in Mfoundi, Centre region of Cameroun calling on Paul Biya to release their BETI brothers who are languishing in jail for embezzling State funds. They based their arguments on the recent decision taken by President Paul Biya to release Anglophone leaders and others arrested during the Anglophone crisis.

Émile Onambélé Zibi, president of the Patriarchs Association of Mfoundi

According to Émile Onambélé Zibi, president of the Patriarchs Association of Mfoundi, this letter is not an injunction to the President of the Republic.

We simply tell him to extend his generosity to his other sons. All are his children. They have committed a crime, but when you hit your child, you do not throw him out,” said Émile Onambélé Zibi

The so-called wise men of Betiland, flagrantly and in a show of shame, played the devil’s advocate by contemptuously comparing the Anglophone crisis to conscienceless embezzlers whom just like the gangster regime, have fed fat on the taxpayers’ money..

According to the Mfoundi Patriarchs Anglophones who burnt State emblems and destroyed properties only benefitted from the magnanimity of the Head of State, because their crime was hideous than the BETIS who embezzled.

By comparing these two situations, one a crime, another a fight for justice, which have nothing in common, the Patriarchs have just created one of the worst crime, which should land them in jail. The Anglophone crisis concerns a Country (Southern Cameroons) with a distinct culture, an identity of a people and not a tribe like the BETI.

The Anglophones who were released had nothing to do with State emblems and so should not be used as example.

The Anglophone problem is real and even emanated from the thievery perpetrated by majority BETI in Government who have embezzled huge sums of money thereby paralyzing development projects in Cameroon.

If huge sums of money had not gone to private pockets, the roads in Bamenda would have been tarred; intermittent power failure would have been history.

First page (of 3) of the Beti Letter

If the BETI majority in government did not siphon huge sums of money, water scarcity would have long been eliminated.

If huge sums of money were not hidden in private accounts, children would have good schools, good hospitals, live god live.

If the socio-economic life was better, Mancho Bibixy, the coffin revolutionist will not be in jail, because there would be nothing to ask for.

Nevertheless, just a few BETI have embezzled almost the budget of Cameroon for one fiscal year leaving and their Patriarchs are today asking for their release. The same people who have brought the country on its knees do not deserve release.

These of course should not come as a surprise to the world. Just like the gluttons of Betiland, La Republique has always reduced Southern Cameroons to peanut regions. No wonder, huge trucks load timbre, crude oil, and other natural resources from Southern Cameroons, yet, leave the state helpless with no comparable infrastructural development. “They come to our land, exploit all our natural resources, but yet, leave us stingingly poor,” Otamba Ebako, from Ndian County cried out.

Which is why, the people of Southern Cameroons continue to remain united to flush out all exploitation and colonialism activities perpetriated by La republique du Cameroun. When they go low, we go high.

By Lucas Muma,

Political Analyst, BaretaNews

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