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Why The Reboot Conference Should Hold- A Mark Bareta Position









The DC Reboot Conference: A Mark Bareta Position

In any major strides in the development of our revolution, it is important that stakeholders state where and how they stand so that history can adequately quote them correctly so as to avoid any rooms for ambiguity or fake news.

We have been hearing of the Reboot conference since late last year. The notion of having a Reboot conference did not start today and we adequately understand that the conveyors of this conference are all frontline groups which left the then SCACUF due to well documented laid down principles which in any organisation is ok. I am beginning to accept that it was maybe a good thing for these frontline leaders not to have joined altogether at that time less I am confident what happened in Abuja could have taken all of them to Yaounde as the traitor(s) wanted.

It is fair to say that the Reboot conference was postponed immediately our leaders were abducted and this was a sign of good faith from the organisers of the conference.

Now, let me repeat what I said sometime last year December in a live Facebook show when this Reboot conference was making waves on social media. I said the following and I am maintaining it again today.

1. Every Southern Cameroonian has the right to come together in a conference or workshop so far as this is meant to take the Struggle one step ahead.

2. No body has the mandate to stop anyone from attending any conference or even sabotaging a conference. Even the IG DOES NOT has such mandate to stop.

3. The IG is a government as popularly endorsed by majority Ambazonians both home and abroad. We must treat the IG as a Government and not like another group. Many of you have turned to treat the IG as a group that is why too much infighting has been going on. I, Mark Bareta consider myself as a citizen of this government and I treat with it as such and therefore I employ my rights as a citizen to criticise, praise this IG as well as the freedom of association as the case may be.

4. I caution against forming an alternative government because it will lack support, because the people in their majority already supports this present government. I , however raised the alarm that while we cannot expressively stop anyone from forming another government, any alternative government will make us a laughing stock within the international community and may make potential investors run away. Therefore, it is for the interest of Ambazonia that NO ALTERNATIVE GOVERNMENT be formed.

Those were my major points last year during my live show and I still stand by it today.

That said, the DC conference which brings together frontline movements and all Ambazonians who share their moves is very much welcome and should not be sabotaged and seen as a competition. The conference should be allowed to go. This is why I support and endorse the conference to go.

1. The Interim Government needs a force to push it work at its best. Presently this Interim Government does not have that force. They rely on the fact that they have popular support from the Ambazonia people to just do anything they like. No government in the world is perfect and no government functions that way. They will need cross checker.

We have cried and called for a restoration council within the IG but all indications showed that such a council if it exists lacks the power to check this IG. We do not need sing birds all the time whose job is to praise the IG from Monday to Tuesday. It is this very praise that has led to an entire cabinet being abducted. No, we need a fact checker, we need people who will push this government to be at it best.

It is unfortunate that our revolution has taken a different approach as other revolution in the past by having a government without some necessary things etc, therefore we are and we must treat with the IG as an IG. We therefore need a “Pseudo opposition Party”, a voice that will force this IG to be at it best. This is where these frontline movements come in, to provide an alternative voice. Yes, we need it.

Listen, like the President Sisiku Ayuk Julius said when he sent letters to these groups asking them to join his government, he said “ We already have Unity Of purpose”. Ambazonians are United in a common purpose which is Buea and all these frontline movements, our IG though with different thoughts process have as end point Buea. We must be aware that the grievances of these frontline movements have well been documented since the days of SCACUF. It didn’t begin today and yes, I shared in some of the grievances because we as a people failed to make SCACUF a truly collaborative platform. It had no text, no rules of engagement etc. But we supported it for the sake of the struggle and I am believing that now it was God’s doing less all leaders may have been bundled up in Abuja.

That said, this is my position and recommendation as Mark Bareta.

1. I fully endorse the Reboot conference. Participants should attend, make a SWOT analysis to see how far we have gone and where we are today and what can be done going forward.

2. DO NOT form an alternative government. Though it could be your right but it will be bad for the Struggle, it will be bad for the morale of the people and it will show the international community that we are not serious and most especially it will not have any popular support. We already have our IP in jail, he now becomes our Mandela. This is the picture we should project. In fact, the Reboot should project Sisiku as Southern Cameroons Mandela and make him the biggest face of the revolution going forward.

3. And now I suggest that the members of the Reboot conference will need to be “Pseudo Opposition” voice to this IG so that they are being pushed to act accordingly. This IG needs to know that any foolish mistakes from them can be corrected by another voice almost immediately and La Republique needs to know that we are not done yet. They need to know we operate in various fronts. That said, I propose the members think of forming a “Revolutionary Council” that brings all voices together with priority on ground Zero, archiving our stories and robust communications/documentaries.

This is where I stand as far as this conference is concerned. I have written this after a critical thoughts from me first as an activist who loves to see homeland free.

Before I end, let me seize this opportunity to condemn the remarks of comrade Cho Ayaba, leader of the AGC in insinuating that citizens should remove their credit cards information from the IG website indirectly stop funding the IG. I guess this was a bad mouth from comrade Ayaba whom like others are worried that because there is a supposed traitors in our midst, such information may be compromised. I personally think this was wrong and we will go with the words and assurance of Chris Anu who says all is good. That’s now is responsibility. Therefore, I add my voice to say, we should not relax funding the IG, do it as your means permit and do not fail also to fund self defense groups and actions. I believe in liberal democracy and respect knowing that all genuine actions will lead us to Buea.

This is Mark Bareta

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