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Those Screenshots Which Define The Moment: The Cameroons Saga








The recent actions by our comrades in Belgium, South Africa, Canada and the UK has sent shock waves throughout the entire community of la Republique du Cameroun. Online, opinions have been quite divergent. Analysis of opinions from various platforms indicate that a majority of citizens of la Republique du Cameroun condemn the actions of our comrades and are urging their government to rain fire and brimstone on all those featured in the videos. Hundreds of screenshots have been taken for security and archival purposes. A random sample of comments which are shared by a majority of them are shown below:

“We are no longer with you. We will deal with your families. You have declared war. All those seen on that video have put themselves and their families at the position of enemies to the republic. I will trace each and every one of you. It is war for war. Look for weapons. If you don’t have one, it’s a pity. You’ve insulted the entire country. What have I done to you. I now declare war on you and your families. And don’t come to bury them because it’s gonna be dangerous for you.” ~ Yohanes Maa Ntap.


It is either ignorance or madness. Trample on, or burn the flag of a country? These animals should be arrested and kept in jail for 400 years. These are real Anglofools. ~ Thierry Ottou.


“…If they no longer want to be Cameroonians, the door is wide open for them to go. But to burn the flag of my country, I say NO, and from today, I will respond with force on any Anglophone who dares brandish such ideology anywhere close to my house. All the talks and dialogue must stop…” ~ Williams Gatess

Anglo-sick, Anglo-stupid, You shall be tortured to the last. The time is coming. ~ Alain Mvogo.

When one Jaures Maffo, told him there are six million Anglophones, and asked “Will you torture all of them?” Alain Mvogo replied by saying “The BIR has reduced that number recently.”

“There can be no negotiation with these Biafrans who pretend to be Anglophones. The real Anglophones that I know are not part of this bullshit.” ~ William Song.

However, we find a few Francophones who are quite vocal and speak in defence of our comrades. They blame the regime for not handling the crisis properly and early enough. They also blamed some of their fellow brothers and sisters who are either complicit, hypocritical or fail to understand the marginalization the Anglophones have been facing over the years.

Emeric Noupa wrote: “Many francophone Cameroonians don’t know the true history of Cameroon. The Anglophone system teaches very well the true history of this country. By the way, the National Anthem is different. It’s preferable there is good negotiation and if possible, and as recommended by UNO in 1961, a treaty of union… this is not the system our grandparents died fighting for.”


Phillippe Huliem Tsayou Momo blamed the la Republique authorities for poor handling of the crisis. He wrote: “I say, and I would keep saying, release all the leaders who were unjustly arrested and engage them in a sincere dialogue…”


Adrien de Chelsea is also one of those defenders of the cause. He too, blames the Biya’s regime and many Francophones for undermining and even insulting the Anglophones. He urged the government to open up dialogue with the people in order to find lasting solutions.

Jaures Maffo as mentioned earlier is a fervent defender of cause. He uses great knowledge, wisdom, and in a very calm manner, educates his francophone brothers and sisters. On the screenshot below, he told one hate preacher, “they have been saying the same thing since 1961… and Biya knows the solution to this problem. If you want to kill the enemies of this country, there is Boko Haram…they are serious..leave the Anglophones quietly.”

I’ll also want to acknowledge the great job done by our able, very bilingual comrade, Angelbert Nde in educating the ignorant and counteracting the arguments of the manipulators.

This new move to capture screenshots of hate preachers will be done on regular basis and our database will be updated accordingly. This will help our people to be able to distinguish friends from foes. When it happened in Rwanda, we got testimonies from Tutsi survivors that it was their Hutu neighbours with whom they shared a lot in common, who came first with machetes to massacre them and chase them out from their homes. We cannot see this coming and remain silent. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.


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