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The Post News Paper Investigates Mayor Ekema’s Fake Degree




Following the allegations that the Mayor of Buea surreptitiously entered the University of Buea with one A-Level GCE paper, we engaged an investigation that took us to other towns and many GCE centres to gather the hard facts and figures.

Our findings showed that a candidate in the name of Ekema Patrick Esunge sat for the GCE seven times. He started sitting for the exams in 1995 and failed. In 1996, he sat again for the exam at the Molyko External and passed in one subject; History D with an ‘E’ Grade.

After that, he made several attempts every other year, changing combinations comprising Economics, History, Geography and French at different times, and in the different centres to wit: Molyko External, Muea External, Kumba External. He gave up sitting for the exam after the 2007 session which was the 7th and last time.

Back Door Admission

In the 2007, having immersed himself in politics, he picked up the one “E” he got in 1996, used his political position and influenced a political ally of high standing in UB to be admitted in the varsity which prides itself as the “The Place To Be”. UB is known to have rejected, outright, applications for admission with even two ‘E’ Grades at the ‘A’ Level.

Ekema was given a 1st Degree in History in 2000 and also a job as one of the support staff of the university. He then proceeded to get a Masters Degree, also in History. It is alleged that he recently engaged a programme for a PhD in one of the State Universities in Yaounde.

Fake Certificate Saga

Reports say when the outgoing Vice Chancellor of the UB requested for funds for the salaries of support staff and the Minister of Finance saw the whooping amount and the number of support staff, he was scandalized and asked for documents to justify the figures. It was discovered that about 70 of the support staff faked certificates to get employment. The Government ordered that they should be fired.

It is held that when Ekema got wind of the expulsion of support staff with fake certificates, he quickly went and resigned. He apparently was still keeping the job after becoming Mayor, contrary to the regulations.

Accordingly, he would not continue the PhD programme when it has been found that the threshold from which he did graduate and post-graduate studies is fake.

Culled from the Post News Paper.

The Post No 01833 of Friday 7th July 2017.

By Bouddih Adams

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