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French Cameroun Fabricates Facts To Cover Barbarism



Ambazonia Villages

Below Foncha Killing: French Cameroun Fabricates Facts To Cover Barbarism.
By Mbah Godlove.

Colonial Spoke’s person in the Ministry of defense says the killing of an ordinary civilian at Below Foncha, Bamenda recently was owing to suspicious activities. In a statement Tuesday June 6, colonel Cyrille Atomfack accused late Djibri Dubila of being an agent of Ambazonian fighters.

The colonial official claimed that the deceased native of Nso had links with leaders of the independence struggle abroad, stressing a warrant of arrest had been issued against him by the Bamenda military court six months ago.

Cameroun Defense Communications

Locals say the victim was quite simple and known for his humility and selflessness.

As BN had earlier reported, Djibri was shot by colonial soldiers as he drove home on Sunday July 5. He was shot on the chest and he died on the spot.

The colonial government has now framed up a story that Djibri was a criminal who was killed while he struggled to flee from being arrested.

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