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France Facilitates Biya’s Genocidal Mission In Ambazonia With Financial Package



France Facilitates Biya’s Genocidal Mission In Ambazonia With Financial Package

By Mbah Godlove

After 86 year-old President Paul Biya of La Republique du Cameroun visited his child-commander, President Emmanuel Macron of France, to report on the September 10 announced four day monologue, Jean Yves Le Drian, is now in Cameroun to sign yet another eternal pact.

The French Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs has reportedly provided financial aid worth 62 million euros, an equivalence of 41 billion FCFA, to accelerate Decentralization and implement the special status that was suggested to be granted Ambazonia during the September 30 to October 04 Biyalogue.

Another donation that stands at 30 billion FCFA was given to purportedly fight against Boko Haram sect that has equally been a menace
to the country’s far north region.

Despite several condemnations from Ambazonian activists in and out of the territory, the so-called dialogue that was aimed at successfully clamping down all diasporan leaders including BaretaNews CEO, Mark Bareta, has not been welcomed even by international bodies.

Many of the organizations, just like Ground Zero denizens who feel the wrath of the Biya genocidal war the highest, say a frank and inclusive negotiation on a neutral ground, mediated by a neutral body should be called for — so that Ambazonians could discuss the terms of their independence.

The malicious intent of France to continuously decolonise Cameroun cannot happen when Ambazonians are still in servitude of her colonial stooge, Paul Biya.

Southern Cameroonian leaders have rejected the special status and are resolved that their independence must be unconditionally and completely granted even if the money sent to fight against the Boko Haram sect is diverted to combat Ambazonian restoration forces.

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