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Mark Bareta Entreats Ambazonians to be Watchful of Detractors



Mark Bareta Entreats Ambazonians to be Watchful of Detractors

By Mbah Godlove

As efforts to push French Cameroun out of Ambazonia crescendos, saboteurs have continued to use the name of BaretaNews CEO for their selfish propaganda.

It is on this bases that Mark Bareta calls on All Ambazonians to be aware of the type of information they read on social media about the state of the struggle as well as about his personality.

In a statement, Friday July 9 2021, the patriot reminded denizens of his inactivity on Facebook stressing that he has only one official website and a twitter handle.

Hare him ” it has come to my notice that some malicious individuals are using my name for selfish motifs. Ambazonians must be mindful of the type of information they consume online” he said.

It worth mentioning that some colonial regime surrogates have created several Facebook accounts in the name of Mark Bareta which they use to mislead Ambazonians.

It is against this back drop that, the CEO of BaretaNews calls on all denizens to be careful with the type of information they share especially on Facebook.

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