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French Cameroun Collaborator Drops Dead



French Cameroun Collaborator Drops Dead

By Mbah Godlove.

Former Social Democratic Front, SDF party opposition politician and Paliamentarian, Joseph Mbah Ndam has died.

Sources say he died Sunday April 13 in Yaounde after he drove himself to the hospital for check up.

He was pronounced dead by Medics minutes after he got to hospital.

He will for ever be remembered for taking part in local elections that had been banned in Ambazonia earlier in February 2020.

The opposition politician would on March 22, come under attack on the Bamenda-Batibo road for embedding himself in the military of French Cameroun to participate in a disbanded paliamentary election rerun.

Born in Batibo in 1955, Joseph Mbah Ndam was a loyal cum politician.

He served as a member of Parliament at La Republique du Cameroun’s National assembly for 23 years.

The deceased legal mind was considered a traitor who betrayed his people to gain favours from the long serving colonial regime of Paul Biya.

He did very little to defend Ambazonians in Parliament were he served as vice president when the ongoing war for freedom broke out nearly four years ago.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Sunshine

    April 14, 2020 at 2:26 AM

    Late Honorable Mbah Ndam and biya continue to neutralize young people in West Cameroon – Ambazonia

    My Condolence to the Mbah Ndam Family. Mbah Ndam stood for himself and the biya regime – where the money and the bir came from to neutralize his people.. When Mr. Mbah had the opportunity to defend the vulnerable in his constituency, he instead opened up his people to be invaded and ravished by the vulture of etudi. Mbah Ndam wanted the vulture’s stolen money and the vulture wanted his people neutralized. Now, Mbah had his money and his people were literally annihilated in cold blood while some took cover in the forest and foreign countries.
    Mbah Ndam in his life recognized and read only the history of east cameroon not West Cameroon where he was born. Mbah Ndam forgot taking care of the people who voted him into biya’s fake government. Late Mbah witnessed his people killed, raped, and deserted by a vulture that never cared for Mbah and his people when he was honorable for many years. The few honorables remaining should repent and stop the vulture in etudi from killing their own people for money.

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