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First in History, I Bought Food in Molyko on Graduation Day – Buea Denizen







First in History, I Bought Food in Molyko on Graduation Day – Buea Denizen

The residents of Buea, Fako County, Southern zone of Ambazonia, yesterday 19th December, 2017, expressed shock and surprise at the scantiness of Molyko, Buea, on a normal University of Buea, Convocation Day. The scanty Molyko streets, with doted graduation robes, coupled with the fact that some shops were under lock and key in respect of Manyu solidarity ghost town, confirmed to unbelievers in the Ambazonian Revolution, that the revolution is REAL.

It was a bright day in Molyko, the largely students’ residential area that is usually full with hustling and bustling, and the euphoric atmosphere of university graduation on a normal UB convocation day. A day where family members of graduands from every part of the Cameroons, often fill the neighborhoods of Molyko to capacity, thereby creating congestion both in human and vehicular movement, and also in mobile network communications. Celebrations, usually begin on the eve of the ceremony, with hostels booming with all brands of music, while the cooking of multiple delicacies for the d-day goes on.

All these, were completely absent this year, even when the university was sending out two sets of graduates – those of the failed convocation of 2016 and a few half baked ones for 2017.

Rather, the new innovation this year in Molyko, was a heavy punctuation of the scanty population, with several frightful looking colonial forces, brandishing sophisticated AK 47 and Kalashnikov rifles.

By 5PM Amba time, unlike in previous years whereby people use to pay at least 200frs from UB junction to Check point around that time on graduation days, the streets of Molyko this day, were free, with very scanty traffic, as if nothing had taken place within the day.

A taxi driver was even overhead lamenting that “there is no graduation this year. By this time in previous graduations, I should have retired home with at least 40,000frs, to go and have my free food and drinks somewhere.” A passenger interrupted; “Do we really call this thing today graduation? For the first time I bought food in a restaurant in Molyko on graduation day. Restaurants don’t sell on graduation day, to tell you that food in Molyko on real graduation days are free … We used to move from one graduation ceremony to another, with bitter collar for quick digestion… Man wey e say trouble no dey this country, e fool ye self” he concluded in pidgin.

The social atmosphere yesterday in Molyko Buea, was therefore not reflective of any celebration atmosphere. At a time when Ambazonia is under siege, with the people of Manyu unable to come out of their houses, while those from Northern zone couldn’t travel down due to non movement of buses on ghost town days and the blockage on Bamenda-Mamfe-Kumba road, it was therefore visible that, the said graduation ceremony was going to be a shadow of it self.

It is a clear message to those that cared to read the atmosphere, that the revolution is real and has come to stay. UB and Molyko, will only regain their real graduation climate, when Ambazonia must have been free. For now, the people are angry, and graduating from university to face a jobless, divisible, discriminatory and subjugating society is not their preoccupation. Their preoccupation now is a fee Ambazonia

Agbor James, BaretaNews Political Analyst

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