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Ekema Patrick Organised Mercenaries To Receive French Envoy








Ekema Patrick, irksome slave mayor of Buea, maliciously mobilised ghost representatives to welcome the visiting French Minster of State Attached to the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Jean-Baptisite Lemonyne.

According to the on the field information, the occasion that already witnessed a huge blow due to the refusal of the initially invited different stakeholders to grace the event, Ekema Patrick used not less than 20 minutes to rally 50 mercenaries, which he divided into different strata to represent the different stakeholders.

“Three Civil Society Organisations, 30 Religious leaders, 15 business persons, 10 Clergy, and 4 dance groups, had been invited into the occasion. Unfortunately, the attack that occurred around midday in Mile 16, 17, 18, Muea and Molyko, scared all these invitees, who were no where to be found even after 4pm that the guest was already there. So, the DO for Buea, Paul Kouam Wokam, cornered the Mayor of Buea, Ekema Patrick to try all within his powers to bring in people to fill the gaps. It was thence, that Ekema Patrick made some calls and within 20 minutes, he had assembled more than 40 unknown people, that he divided into dance groups, CSOs, Clergy, and traditional rulers,” an insider at the governor’s office told BaretaNews.

It should be noted that the French Ambassador was in Buea on a Fact-Finding Mission. He was programmed to meet some key actors in the socioeconomic, and political nerves of the Southern Zone. According to information, his agenda was to request from the stakeholders, the main form of government that will restore sanity in Ambazonia.

Unfortunately, his visit was boycotted by the so-called main stakeholders, and so Ekema Patrick, in his usually fire-extinguishing style, brought in tugs to fill in the gap.

Enter the Meeting:

The meeting that had earlier been scheduled to hold at 3:30pm at the colonial office of the governor, only manage to hold after 5pm, due to the standoff that took place between the Restoration Forces of Ambazonia, and the colonial forces of LRC.

The meeting that lasted for only 25 minutes, saw the French envoy requesting from the stakeholders to propose solutions to the restive crisis.

“The people have always made their heard very clear in what they want. From the different delegations who have come here to carryout this same exercise, the proposed solutions have been, releasing all those who have been arrested within the context of this crisis, and a return to the 1961 constitution of a Federal Republic of Cameroon,” an eloquent elite of the Southern Zone resonated his voice in the hall.

Others suggested a 10-state decentralised Cameroon, while everyone in the hall agreed, the Paul Biya must call off the war in he waged against his own people and grant general amnesty to all detainees.

Om his part, the French Minister said he shall compile the views and make a very urgent report, that will eventually assemble the views of everyone on the hall. He wrapped up by saying, a solution to the crisis is imminent.

Lucas Muma,

Managing Editor – BaretaNews

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