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Paul Atanga Nji Is An Ambazonian Problem – UDP Chair








The National Chairman of the United Democratic Party, (UDP), Elhaji Lawan Bako, has described Paul Atanga Nji, as an Ambazonian Problem.

Elhaji Lawan Bako made this declaration during a press briefing, Saturday June 23, 2018 in Bamenda. He identified Atanga Nji as an Anglophone Problem, going by his utterances and deeds.

To buttress this point, the UDP leader said Atanga Nji’s utterances

and deeds are very, very inflammatory.

“Atanga Nji made repulsive statements that there is no Anglophone problem, though Paul Biya, acknowledged the existence of problems which the Government has addressed some of the concerns. The worst of it is that when he was appointed to a higher ministerial post, he went to Buea and said the Anglophone Problems are half solved because I am appointed to head this important Ministry. What a paradox!? His utterances and deeds have given a leeway to Anglophone agitators to continue with their negative acts. So, let it be told that he is one of the Anglophone Problems,” Bako averred.

The UDP Chair, said he is at a loss about several falsehoods served Paul Biya by “some of our brothers in Government.”

“While the crisis degenerates by the day, some of these administrators keep saying that the situation is under control … We are witnesses to

the reality on the ground with thousands of internally displaced people in the bushes, persistent ghost towns on Mondays, the destruction of property and the killing of civilians.” Bako said

He added that “An illness, intentionally or wrongly diagnosed, can never be cured. That is why he strongly believes that these brothers in Government have not given a true image of the present situation of the problem to the Head of State. He urged the Head of State to act now and fast in resolving the problem whose situation is becoming unbearable. Presenting President Paul Biya as UDP’s choice of candidate for 2018

Presidential, Bako stated that his party has re-invested its confidence

in Biya because, as an “old broom”, he knows how to sweep well.” Biya, he said, is the only reasonable and mature person that can rule Cameroon in times like this, not the young and excited youths.

On Sunday, June 24, morning in the CRTV flagship programme, Cameroon Calling, Atanga Nji fitted very well the description that Bako insinuated. Hear him, “Break time is over for the terrorists, let them surrender, or be fished out and prosecuted. Break time is over”

By Lucas Muma,

Managing Editor – BaretaNews

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