The Era of Divide and Rule is Over, this is Not Partisan Politics, Buea is Non-negotiable – AP Dr. Sako Samuel

divide and rule

The Era of Divide and Rule is Over, this is Not Partisan Politics, Buea is Non-negotiable – AP Dr. Sako Samuel

The Acting of President of the Interim Government of Ambazonian has reiterated his commitment to see Ambazonia a free nation. Speaking to the Ambazonian public in a speech over the weekend, the president noted that haven come this far, there is nothing that will be able to stop the Ambazonian Restoration Movement.

Not the divide and rule tactics of the terrorist regime, not the buying over of week men and women, chiefs and the so called Ambazonian elites can stop the people’s resolve. Not even the invocation of ancestral powers against the revolution by Fons and Chief can stop the train from moving to its destination.

According to Dr. Sako, the era of divide and rule is over. The revolution is not partisan politics where political opponents will be tussling to take over control of leadership or government. It is about a people’s collective destiny and that of unborn generations. He therefore charged Ambazonians to be united and look at the greater goal, no matter, the differences in opinions.

Reacting to the case of some arrested Buea Chiefs, the acting President emphasized that nobody body in Ambazonia is above the law of the land, especially if such individuals are working with the terrorist regime in one way or the other to truncate the people’s movement.

According to him, the interim government has instructed the restoration forces through the ASC, to threat the arrested chiefs respectfully, while also thoroughly carrying out their investigations on the allege burial of virgins to forestall the activities of the restoration forces. The chief will be released immediately investigations are over but must however face the law in due course if found guilty of the allegations, he noted.

The President therefore called on All Ambazonians to rise up for the revolution, as it is the intention of the colonial regime to eliminate all Ambazonians, especially the so-called neutral ones.

“… I urge every true Southern Cameroonian to take what is happening now as a sign and as a warning to all who are still hanging in the fence. The Franco-Biya blood thirsty mafia has a plan to eliminate us all as a people especially the so called neutral people and the ‘dimabola’ praise singers. Biya’s forces would kill anybody when it fits their agenda to do so. We are all expendable. They don’t love us, they love what we have and not what we are. All chiefs and Fons of the Northern and Southern zones of Ambazonia must recognize that this is true, this is happening and join our revolution instead of trying to chase the wind or instead of escaping for refuge to a den of vampires in French Cameroon.”

“You are all witnesses of how much the ground game has changed since March when I promised you a game changer. However, with only a third of what I requested from Ambazonians in March plus your private sacrifices directly to Ground Zero we have succeeded to infect all our 13 counties with the ‘WaterNaWater’ syndrome. Today, the fear of Amba is the beginning of wisdom. Today, the so-called Anglophone Crisis has suddenly been upgraded into a full-blown conflict between Southern Cameroons and French Cameroon in diplomatic corridors. This is very significant in diplomatic parlance because unlike crisis, conflicts are only resolved through mediation.” He added

The President concluded by congratulating all Ambalanders and especially the restoration forces, stating that those who thought the terrorist regime could succeed through a military solution have been forced to go back to their drawing table. He therefore plead with the Ambazonian people to give the IG the necessary resources requested, so that self-defense can move from a push back to a complete push over.

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Otto Ama


  1. Mukong

    July 25, 2018 at 12:14 AM

    While my support to reclaim our dignity and land from the Beti/Bulu/Ewondo no good thieves headed by their french slave called Biya has never wavered, I am concerned that we still see self defense youths defending Ambaland with dane guns against LRC hoodlums with AK47.

  2. Bateh

    July 25, 2018 at 4:41 PM

    IDIOTS no machines guns Will enter Cameroon, keep Made in Nigeria your hunting guns,we were trying to Crush all tour groups after elections,but u went too far, we ELIMINATED RED DRAGONS AND THEIR GENERAL YESTERDAY. Aluta continua, we got ALL the blessings from USA,FRANCE,UK We gonna give Them your oil your scammers President sold to Kilimandjaro, and CLEAN-UP OPERATION WILL START.BITCH AMBAZOFOOL

    • Dougghy

      July 26, 2018 at 1:18 PM

      Well said my brother. ambafools think they are the only one from this land. for your information we all belong to this our land and you will not decide for us. scammers

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