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The Legal Injustice in Yaoundé Military Court







The court session between Consortium leaders and 25 others with the state of Cameroun began this morning. Information from the court says:

Barrister Mbah Ndam booted off the defense team. Military judge says he can’t be an MP and yet standing against the state. Funny right? After many months now this. About 30 witnesses are testifying against Balla and Co. All of the witnesses police officers under La Republique pay roll. We are seeing seriouse problems with language in court as the interpreter is very poor. This is the same problem we are fighting. Trying in a language foreign to our people.

We are also told Barrister Balla is keeping beards to protest his solitary confinement. The very court case in Yaoundé is an injustice to itself. The court President can’t understand English. The interpreter is doing a terribly bad job. God where did we go wrong as a people? What crime did we commit to allow us with this people? The future of Southern Cameroons lies with you and I. We leave it now, our children will suffer more tomorrow. We have the window now to hold “grass” . We must hold “nkondi” and get this to the finish line. The Southern must be free.

Our message to our people in jail: Stay strong for us as we battle it out here. We will not succumb. For these ends schools must not resume. Special warning to UB and UBa students who are rubbishing Dr. Fontem in jail by trying to school. The same goes to those lecturers who have the guts to go teach.

The case is still ongoing. It is evident that it will push later into the day with the outcome being another adjournedment

Meanwhile, some chiefs who called themselves Fako Chiefs are showering blessings on Paul Biya in a communique they sent out today. Others who called themselves Senators from South West are meeting presently in Kumba City Council in a school resumption campaign. Elevated slaves who have lost all respect from the people. Slaves who could not even stand for their people to demand the basic human rights from their master Biya are out there opening their mouth against the struggle.

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