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Confused Yaoundé unveils Ambazonian Dialogue team, makes a global clown of herself









Confused Yaoundé unveils Ambazonian Dialogue team, makes a global clown of herself

As self-defense measures in the revolutionary battle for the total liberation of Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia begin gathering momentum amongst freedom minded and determined Ambazonians, the panic stricken and confused colonial regime has continued to display her sheer stupidity and political crassness, to the watching pleasure of the international community and local onlookers. In one week, the staggering imperialist state, in two separate actions has presented herself, more as a comic circus performer before the global political stage, than as a nation committed to a ensuring sustainable solution and peaceful resolution of the issues surrounding the present revolutionary and counterrevolutionary standoff between Buea and Yaoundé.

For months, Yaoundé had pretended not to know the leaders of the revolution. They tactfully in every area of public speech and in their press avoided all key front line leaders of the struggle. In fact the word SCACUF appeared difficult to pronounce in the tongue of propaganda minister Issa Tchiroma.

However, their first public recognition of the Southern Cameroons Interim government and some other front line leaders last week was the issue of 15 international arrest warrants for some 15 key Southern Cameroons leaders. Since then, they have in every “search for terrorists” drama tried to link victims of stage managed arrests to the Interim Government of Ambazonia.

In a struggle for decolonization that is legally rooted in international law, absolutely clear and falls within the jurisdiction of the UN, it becomes a laughable situation when the colonial power starts issuing international arrests warrants for people who are already being sheltered by their host countries for the same purpose for which you want to extradite them. By those baseless warrants, LRC has unknowingly presented to the public the Southern Cameroons leader they fear most. On this basis, we are concluding that they have already named to the World the leading members of the Ambazonia dialogue team. They shall have no choice but to dialogue with their most dreaded Ambazonians.

The second foolhardy and laughable action by the regime has been the display of Dane guns, axes, cutlasses, knives among others before television cameras, in the name of seized weapons from “secessionists terrorists”. After the illegal and unwarranted invasion and search of the homes of citizens, the so much talk about sophisticated and dangerous weapons from Nigeria found in their homes were farming and hunting tools, with some looking as old as 20 years. This was in addition to kitchen the utensils of citizens. To make the drama looks a bit real, they had to spice the farming and hunting tools with a stray SCNC Cap. What a joke.

Yaoundé must understand that 2017 is not the 1990s. Times have changed and the game tactics have longed advanced. If they are dispossessing the people of their utensils in order to launch another genocide on a completely armless people, then they should know that it will not work. Our people must ensure that they do whatever it is at their disposal to protect and defend themselves from any other attack. Vigilante groups must not take the enclave nature of their communities for granted. From what transpired in Muyuka and Munyenge on Sunday night, the enemy could attack your your communities at anytime of the nights. You must be alert at any time to defend yourselves from any colonial invader.

James Agbor, BaretaNews Political Analyst

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