Independence day speech of the Acting President Ambazonia


Great Citizens of Ambaland,

My beloveth people,

My people of Mezam- _Ah behnè? Njula’anè._

The warriors of Manyu- _Aweho, Échina?_

The brave indegenes of Momo- _Asa’ahyeh?_

Kupe-Muanenguba- _N’lente_nyé_

Ndian – _Basésé Bâbugwayï_

Fako- Elelabagmu Bui- Asa’akaï?

Nkokentunjia? Mv’le?

Lebialem, Boyo, Menchum, Donga-Mantung, Meme,

And to you all the wonderful people of  Ambazonia at home and abroad; Today, I bring you LOVE from the castle of my heart.

ENERGY, from the comfort of  the blossom of the great God of Ambazonia – the God of Justice.

With pride, I can affirm that our spirit is strong, our resolve is unshakable and the fervency of our resistance is applaudable.

Never ever accept anyone, anyday  to tell you anything less.

In just few a months we have travelled this far cracking hard bricks, surpassing tall mountains, demystifying the complicated faculty of understanding our true story and step by step we have Ambazonia has risen to fall no more.

Oh yes! we may not be where we would have loved to be right now, but we are certain this is not where we used to be. Hence , it is our duty to stir our hope, fan to fire our enthusiasm and boost our energy by systematically measuring our progress.

What we believe in, makes the difference to the actions that we take to free Ambazonia. If we can believe, to the core of our being, the depth of our hearts, that we will win this fight; to protect our nation, our women and our  children, then we will take actions to make that believe to become real.

It will be dangerous to believe otherwise: if you believe that all is lost, that your actions will not make a difference, that your voice is sunk in fear, then you have just decided to lose the fight.

NO!!!!! NO!!!! NO!!!!!

Failure is NOT an option.

We have not failed,

We can not fail

And we will not fail.


When We say “this is the people’s revolution” it is not a lip service.

We need each other to free Ambazonia,

We need other to re-build our nation,

We need each other to mourn our fallen heros,

We need each other to support our restoration forces

We need each other to defend our women and children,

We need each one of us to celebrate our victory. You are VIAs (very important Ambazonian).

We have tackled each battle with a different momentum, sometimes we had low scores but most times we were at the top of our game.

Every battle we encountered came with its own lessons. Regardless of how challenging they seemed to have been, we came out  stronger, wiser and better.

It is therefore imperative for us to unsubscribe from every negative energy, blame games, unhealthy debates, blackmail, sabotage and subscribe to the positive lessons we learned so far. We have to maximize our strength and as a people stand with one voice and roar a sound of victory.


Almost six decades of gross evil, six decades of colonial subjugation, of our land and dignity defiled, the Oppressor now calls us by our name. We have succeeded in uncovering the truth about who we are, inspired the youths and gained some fruits.

we are officially observing our first commemoration of our Independence day celebration as was courageously declared by His Excellency Sisiku AyukTabe Julius this day, this time last year.

This is a sacred day of our history. As we all go out in our various communities, with our awesome national colors, expressing in our own very convenient ways the rich diversities of our cultures and telling the uniqueness in our originality, we bare in mind that this is  a major opportunity to demonstrate patriotism, nurture brotherliness amongst ourselves and sponsor the internationalisation machinery of our course.

My dear countrymen,

Before being your Acting President, I am an active servant. I have been a fervent student of the rapid evolution of this revolution. This freedom fight for our nation for many of us is a vocation, we have been through different phases, thousands of people have sacrificed their lives and youth, spending an important part of their lives behind bars. Today, I would love you all to join me as I pay my respect, greetings and homage to all those who have laid down their lives for the actualization of our  independence.

I also pay my respect to thousands of citizens of our nation running into the far equatorial forest for their lives, the refugees in Nigeria, Ghana and other nations of the world.

I salute the sacrifices and commitment of 2 million refugees and asylees now settled in other nations officially banned from entering French Cameroon.

This occasion of our Independence COMMEMORATION should be a time when we take a solemn pledge of devoting our mights to push foward the train, work for the welfare of our oppressed people and to enable sustainance for our brave resistance on ground zero putting all our lives on the line for our freedom.

People of Ambazonia,

This is an occasion to refine and rebuild the national character. Our diversity and extreme wealth of excellence acquired from all the different nations in the world, in different domains should inspire us to be better leaders and nation builders, to dedicate ourselves to the nation and our every activity, linked to a collective interest.

We must be willing to pause and redress any move that does not inspire our course or gives a clear approach to lead us into victory.

This is the mindset we must encourage. We want to gain our freedom and to build our nation on  the honesty and genuineness of our untainted cultural believes. We want a nation built by our dedicated men and women, and not by politicians.

If we as a people have arrived here today, it is because of the collective efforts of  our teachers, our lawyers, Our youths and brave fighters. These great people and these great generation, deserve our deepest respect.

Brothers and sisters, today if we have attained such heights, it is because of the laudable inputs of every one  of you. I wish to express my feelings of respect and gratitude to every single Ambazonian.

We must  appreciate every patriotic gesture if we want to build a great nation and categorically stand against the politics of egotism. Our victory will be made easier by collectivism and not cynicism.

We wholeheartedly look forward to building a nation on the foundation of our ancient cultural heritage, where black imagination can have a safe field, a nation which Africans can reference and look up to, for the preservation of our rich values of enterprise, love and tolerance.

We do not want to build an economy that is a copy card of another, but hopefully a refined semblance of our wealth of discoveries to institute a reference society and an emerging economy capable of confronting global competition.

We want to build a socio-politically and economically  sustainable Amba that doesn’t transfer misery to her descendants. A nation that encourages equal opportunity for every Ambalander…

This is our Ambazonian dream!

Fellow Ambazonians,

The actualization of the Restoration of our Independence and the rapid construction and reconstruction of the reference nation we seek and dream of for Africa is a great task. We will need every single individual to be resourceful in building this nation.

We have gone through so much pain, so much humiliation and so much misery to permit any stumbling block. It is our nation, we have the duty to build it.

We cannot ignore where we are coming from, what we are currently experiencing and how logical we intend to prosecute this course with sanity.

We can not, and should not be an obstacle to our Course. As individuals and/or groups, we should be humble enough to question the impression we make when our people read through the lines of history we are writing at this time.

That notwithstanding, this Interim Government has always believed in collaboration and will continue in hope for true fraternity within and between stakeholders of our revolution.

Henceforth, collaboration will be that of the willing. This IG will  only consider deliberations for collaboration with any individual or groups that will unconditionally recognise the IG as the people’s government and as the leaders of this revolution.

We have come to a very pathetic realisation that anything less will be chaotic and therefore should be avoided.


Do not worry about the loud minority instigating nuisance within our revolution. But the righteous many must stand up really strong.

We must not give in to cowardice and intimidation. The washington AACC conference was a great lesson and we do not regret that particular initiative.

I want to seize this opportunity to congratulate Comrade Dr. Ebenezer Akwanga for his overwhelming display of patriotism in his quest to let the revolution succeed. Some don’t care if this revolution fails to succeed, but are determined to succeed through our revolution.

We will not tolerate failed ideologies of the past where governments have been created and destroyed because of the absence of mutual respect, the emptiness of purpose and blindness of vision. From this day onward, we will not waste our resources in pampering anti revolutionaries or insider-enemies of our progress.

NO!!!! Not now!

Not at a time when our nation bleeds,

A time when our nation cries.. The agony is ravaging and tears of blood flow so fast like the mungo river.

In spite of this dark days, I still feel blessed by the sparkles of light emitted from our brave forces on ground zero, courageously charting the course, paving the way and in-scripting our story in the hard books of history with their own very blood.

Everyday I watch  the blood spilt and tears of our people flow.. my soul is heavy but again my spirit is strong.

We have watched our mothers digging graves to bury their sons,

Our wives carrying coffins of their own husbands,

Our fathers watching in humiliation their daughters raped and treated with no dignity.

It is based on these sad realities that we are strategically positioning ourselves, for the recovery of the sovereignty of our homeland.

Going forward we will embrace any effort that promotes;

-The secure escalation of our ground game,

-Aggressive diplomacy,

-Sustainable public and international relations.

In our ground game apparatus, we will move from the level of maintenance of the struggle to actually pushing the unprofessional colonial forces east of the Mungo.

The honest truth is that we have only been doing maintenance of our resistance which has constituted a deterrent that in many cases has saved us from  the loss of some of our people and properties to a very great extent.

The bits of our investments so far have been to enable our people to survive in resisting enemy and while  planning and strategizing for better way out.

I want to say here and now, that I am more than committed to ensuring that we make this a reality in the shortest possible time.

Even though we have recorded some painful looses, here is where we have recorded our first victory;

We have out rightly denied the enemy- the colonizers any route to victory through WAR.

Mr. Biya and his cohorts thought that after their obvious intimidation, declaring war on our people on the 30th of November last year, we were going to wingle out like the generations passed. No!!!

This time around, we, the do- all-generation have stood our grounds and for the first time in our history we have spoken boldly, clearly and loudly that we the people of Southern Cameroons are ready to go.

I wish re-iterate that our Independence has been restored and we shall defend it with all our hearts with all our might and with all our strength!

Be it known that every Ambazonian of any political extraction must now pay a COMPULSORY PEACE LEVY of $1.00/day.

Those individuals and families who refuse to participate in this effort to secure our borders shall be shamed, rejected or penalized by their local Government authorities.

The next phase will be to get the occupier to submission. We have to bring them down to their knees to surrender. Do not be deceived by the consistent deployment of french Cameroun’s terrorist troops in our land.

Those are mere gestures of a dying horse.  French Cameroun has never recorded such resistance in their history. Believe you me, one of these days we will bundle them out and completely destroy the few traces of their roots in our land.

Yes!!! And that will be sooner than later.

On the vital aspect of aggressive and targeted diplomacy,

Fellow Ambazonians,

One year after the declaration of our Independence Restoration;

The progress is eminent, the victory is real. We have hit real strides and made great friends as we labour day and night,  lobbying for genuine partners.

With firm negotiations on-going like never before, I am more than confident in the future of our Nation.

At this juncture I would love to make that big announcement. Our nation- Ambazonia has been officially invited by the 4th committee of the united Nations concerned with decolonisation.

We will be presenting our case in New York before this committee in a few days time.

In the weeks ahead, we are hoping to start real interactions  right in the nucleus of friendly nations.

Right now we have already concluded arrangements with Kurdistan for an international soccer friendly march between our both nations.

I therefore urge all our youths involve with professional football to get ready and contact the office of PR at the presidency. We are already setting up a structure in this regard.

We expect all our talents like Enow Eyong, Clinton Njie, Fai Francis Ebai Tataw and a the host of others to step forward and consider working with my office to ensure this initiative comes to fruition.

The date for this very important soccer game will be announced very soon. We are looking forward to inviting Fifa officials be a part of this friendly encounter.

I wish therefore to seize this opportunity to advise the Confederation of African Football; We want you to cancel  any football competition in our national territory without the consent of our government.

We are an oppressed people merely struggling to defend ourselves from Mr. Biya’s Monstrosity and we can not advice the precious organizers of this major tournament, the proposed CAF AFCON 2019 Soccer tournament to ignore  a risk of such magnitude.

We urge CAF to consider withdrawing any decisions they made earlier. Cameroon is at war!

And this is no child’s play.

People of Ambazonia,

As we proudly and cautiously walk into this new phase of our revolution, it is incumbent upon us to minimize petty things and to project ourselves for the great future close to us.

Your interim government in her wish to galvanize strength from within, will seek to unite all the forces that are working tirelessly on the side of the people.

We will patronize the resistance that so far has a sterling and impeccable records. And we are confident that Securing my County Local government by Local government will appropriately ensure this.

As far as financial management is concern, we are going to transform the treasury of the IG. It will henceforth serve as that finance ministry of all those who recognise our madate as the leaders of the Ambazonian people.

We will sponsor their projects, even if they are not Government projects as long as they aim at taking us to  USA. With this desire we will create a register of people who will be accredited by the government.

We seek to partner largely with the civil society, for that is the best way to build peace and strength within a healthy and economically vibrant society. A strong Ambazonia we look forward to.

Finally, we want our youths and our women to pick up the challenge and to demonstrate real leadership. A leadership of pure service to our people and not power mongery.

History will never forget Dr. Ebenezer Akwanga for the remarkable bravery he demonstrated during his years as a youth leader. History will never forget Comrade Tassang, Mancho Bibixy, Fontem Neba and a dozen of others for rejecting the bribes from the colonizer’s table.

My question to you today as a youth; what will history write home about your offers. Seize this day off to examine your contributions and challenge yourself to be on the honourable side of history.

Join the patriotic fight and fight with every energy left inside of you. We will back you up, we will promote you and we will finance your independent initiatives.

My people, there’s hope!

In the mist of the dark clouds our lights have the tendency to shine brighter. Thank you for being a true warrior in the Ambazonian Vision.

Long live Ambaland Short live the war.

God bless you!

And may God bless the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.

Otto Ama


  1. Tee Shalom

    October 2, 2018 at 2:32 AM

    Wow! Proud and humbled for the wonderful speech of my President, who despite all insult and campaign to break, God has given you that courage and strength to ignore it all and stand for the people. Love you Sir! More Grace.

  2. Forkwa Columbus

    October 2, 2018 at 9:48 AM

    You spoke well his Excellency

  3. Janice Beyongsi

    October 8, 2018 at 12:45 AM

    Educated Fool, Baboon who walked naked in 1800.Who elected you SATAN??You will be sued for different forms of genocide and war against humanity.Cyber-terrorist and PUNK.Can you finance a single well in Mokwe land let alone FAKO.Go EAT SHIT you MUNJINGNI SUB HUMAN poor, lazy ,whining, DIRTY MONKEY.

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