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Common Law Lawyers Snub Bar President, Refuse To Call Off Strike.



It has been two and a half weeks now since the Common Law Lawyers across South West and North West regions have been protesting without any reaction(s) from Government. The Government has deliberately given a dead ear.

The Bar President Barrister Jackson Francis Ngnie had earlier on urged members of Common Law Lawyers to come to reason and called off their strike action as a result of a purported letter from the OHADA Secretary General.

The Common Law Lawyers reacted angrily and said though they are part of the Bar Association, it does not mean they will have to give up their rights and sacrifice the Common Law system in Anglophone Cameroon. The lawyers reminded the Bar President that their protest action is not only against the OHADA text but on the very fundamentals which bind Former British Southern Cameroons to La Republique Du Cameroun. As such, the Lawyers vehemently refuse to heed to the Bar President call. However, they are meeting this weekend in Bamenda in an enlarge congress. We expect more firestorm from the common law lawyers.

It should be noted that the lawyers’ protest is steadily bringing to light Southern Cameroons feelings across the NW and SW regions and not only to those who originally believe in the Southern Cameroons dream but new persons are increasingly coming to realities.

Barrister Harmony Bobga, North West Lawyers Association President in a call to the government wrote “…The horse is TIRED but still has a sound head and a vibrant voice for dialogue. Government, do not be shy, come let us reconstructively revisit “Foumban” and see if with an honest constitutional foundation we can build a union of mutual recognition and respect. Should the experiment fail, we should not hesitate to draw lessons from the SENE-GAMBIA experiment!… ”

In a more hard tone, another Barrister called Sylvester K Seghanka gave a 7 points memo to Anglophones calling on them to join the fight “We want a return to the Federal system of government we voted for in the plebiscite of 11th February 1961. That is two independent nations of equal status having full independence uniting as a Federation of states. We want to have the possibility of breaking away from the Union with French Cameroon if it becomes at any time the wish of the majority of Southern Cameroonians. We are calling on all Anglophone Cameroonians to stand with us and fight by us to achieve these objectives. Together we shall succeed. The time is now. If you support the above objective please share this on all social media available to you..” Barrister Sylvester lamented

Also, reports reaching BaretaNews indicates CATTU- Teachers Trade Union has issued a solidarity statement calling on its members and Anglophones to join the strike action.
God is still saying something.

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