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We are told that Activists of the Southern Cameroons National Council, SCNC, in a secret meeting held in Meme Division Kumba have employed a hit and run mechanism across Southern Cameroons to pull and destroy any sign post in Southern Cameroons written exclusively in the French Language.
SCNC activists are hoping that the demolition campaign will help whip up sympathy from Southern Cameroonians who do not yet share their vision. Some members of the movement vowed and took an oath to make sure that any signpost written only in French in Southern Cameroons shall be destroyed even if it means clashing with the police.

The SCNC activists momentum have been increased recently due to the huge turnouts Southern Cameroonians showed during the trial of the 15 activists in Buea as well as the Common Law Lawyers who have thronged the courts in huge numbers to defend them.

However, it should be noted that the decision to employ kidnapping as one of the tools to enhance their calls was thrown off as a no go area because members could not agree on this strategy.

BaretaNews thinks that the vision of the SCNC has been to use dialogue to cause the independence of Southern Cameroons. All opportunities to get Biya on the table has failed. We fail to understand how removing signpost in French will enhance the cause for the restoration of Southern Cameroons independence. We of this platform think that this should not be a strategy for the SCNC, it should be a strategy of another Anglophone movement whose objectives is to protect the culture and heritage of Anglophones in a “Unified” Country. The vision of SCNC is the total restoration of Southern Cameroons independence. We think that the SCNC should preoccupy itself with something else.

God is still saying something.

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