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Coalition List: Only Cardinal Tumi Can Lead, I trust None- Fru Ndi



A few weeks ago, Christian Cardinal Tumi, declared that the SDF Chairman, John Fru Ndi should not represent an opposition coalition list should such come up prior to the 2018 elections. However, Fru Ndi thinks otherwise.

In an interview granted to Fru Ndi by Journalist Chris Fobeneh in Bamenda, Fru Ndi said, he will prefer no other person than Cardinal Tumi to lead a possible coalition list. Fru Ndi responding to a question the journalist asked said that within the SDF he has seen no such person to lead the coalition apart from himself. However, if there must be another person, he thinks Cardinal Tumi could have been the best candidate. Fru Ndi boasted that he had sold this idea to Tumi and Tumi categorically refused and said he received a calling to serve all Cameroonians . Tumi asserted that taking up something that appears partisan would make him misplace his calling. However, Tumi, who is on retirement did not missed words to call on Fru Ndi to resist any attempt to lead any opposition coalition in the event of one prior to the 2018 presidential election.

Tumi made the statement while holding talks with members of a Bamenda-based lobby group that is campaigning for an Anglophone President in 2018. However, rights activist and Journalist Colbert Gwain during the event pleaded with Fru Ndi to hold the hand of another candidate and present such person to the Cameroons people. The journalist cautions that Biya still fears Fru Ndi and Fru Ndi still enjoys huge grassroots support. If Fru Ndi were to hold the hands of such a candidate, the candidate will be taken seriously. Though this sounds funny, BaretaNews thinks that it is the absolute truth.

Cardinal Tumi is an influential “political” priest in the Cameroons. He has made several pronouncement against the regime, he supports the Anglophone cause and he even stated that Anglophones will vote to leave the “cursed” Union should they be given another opportunity. He had also condemned CPDM sycophants who called on Biya to run come 2018 and much more.

BaretaNews noted that, these pronouncements from the cardinal are always good, but the failure of the Cameroons opposition is that, they have always failed to make good use of these statements. The Cameroons people do not have a credible leadership. The people seemed to be fade up with the opposition. The people are patiently waiting for that Moses. However, popular opinion holds that Joshua Osih, First National Vice-President of the SDF could change the political wheel of the Cameroons and rekindle the 90s experience in which over 60 percent of the present population and voting age only read about it. Osih is quietly admired and loved across all political spectrum in the Cameroons.

Fobeneh during his interview with Fru Ndi proposed that the SDF should lead a coalition with other political parties and hold a convention to elect a coalition candidate to lead the 2018 Presidential election. Such a person will lead a transition government for three years, revise the constitution, form an independent electoral commission, call fresh elections wherein political parties will now run individually. Fru Ndi who agreed in principle with the idea questioned who are the so-called political leaders. Fru Ndi again stated that he had seen no one competent enough in the SDF to lead and quickly dismiss the names of some political figures the journalist mentioned.

It is evident that since Tumi, who is the only person Fru Ndi thinks can lead such a transition government and with Tumi giving a big fat NO, it remains to say everything goes back to square zero. BaretaNews hopes the opposition parties and leaders will in the months and years ahead, keep greed at side and be serious for once to get rid of the lion man dictator Paul Biya.

God is still saying something.

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