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It has been reported that former President George H. W. Bush has declared he will register a protest vote against Trump in favour of Hillary Clinton. That is his absolute right! What ridicules his old age, however, is the reason for his not voting Trump: He is protesting against Trump’s “un-presidential” utterances. One can only be compassionate with him because, at that age, the probability of dementia (memory lapses) is pretty high.

But how does one explain it? This is a person that campaigned for and voted the son into office. That son, upon purely facetious falsehood, invaded Iraq – a sovereign country! In the process, thousands upon thousands of innocent Iraqi men, women and children were massacred. Thousands of Iraqi as American soldiers perished in battle for a cause that never was. Sadam was virtually summarily executed! And he ended up fleeing the country in devastating ruins and anarchy: the sanctuary for ISIS today…

Where was this old man in the face of those untold atrocities and humanitarian catastrophe perpetrated by his very son? Why the silence up to even today in that regard? Has he just resurrected from hibernation? Is he blind, deaf and partially lethargic so he does conclude that Trump’s utterances hurt in the abstract more than the son’s tangible destruction of human lives? By Jove!

One once thought that the United states was a land of justice and democracy. All that is only illusion now! Where even former presidents are smarting from envy, parochial family leanings and shouting hypocrisy! God forbid!

By Ayah Paul Abine
Cameroun Supreme Court Judge

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