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We Must Not Allow Satanic Bloodsuckers Steal The Steam Of Our Struggle- CATTU SG



The Executive Secretary of the Cameroon Teachers Trade Union, CATTU, Wilfred Tassang, has called on Anglophones to join the Lawyers and protect the Anglophone Identity.

In a statement released by the CATTU SG he wrote:
“…The task we have at hand is the protection of our identity as a people-Anglophones. As a people, our identity is in our culture. A culture is a way of doing things. In a culture, several things are highlighted; language, laws, dressing & cuisine. All of the above have one tool of transmission i.e education. The destruction of every people will pass through their education. When Yaoundé decides that Common Law should not be taught in Cameroon, the opposition is not against Common Law lawyers, it is against us all.

When Yaoundé decides that CATUC and CCU cannot recruit medical students, it is not about quality, it is about controlling how many Anglophones become medics.When Yaoundé decides that Anglophone children should be taught all subjects by Francophones, it is not about national unity, neither is it about integration; it is about taking our children out of the job market. It is about a resolute preparation of slave hands.

Today SCNC has become the scarecrow.Yesterday, the SDF was accused of flying the Nigeria flag. Hon. Jua Polinus was called Biafra in parliament and nobody received a slap for it.
CATTU was accused of presenting its anniversary cake in SCNC colours; blue and white. Dear comrades, the fight at hand is not a teachers’ fight. If it were, we’d be talking living and working conditions.

This is an Anglophone struggle. Business people send children to school; doctors send children to school; lawyers send children to School.We are all parents of learners, if not today, tomorrow. This is time for us to rise up as one. I refuse to allow satanic bloodsuckers to steal the steam out of our struggle….” the SG concluded.

Quizzed on the possibility of their action being tagged SCNC, Tassang said “It is an Anglophone fight. Even though it sounds SCNC, we are addressing the same issues. When they launched the Social Democratic Front, SDF in the nineties, it had the same colours like the Nigerian flag and the party was tagged Biafran movement in Cameroon. If we are termed SCNC because we are defending and safeguarding Anglophone values especially those of education from the overbearing and insulting Francophonisation, we at CATTU do not care any longer”.

God is still saying something.

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