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Swiss Delegation Signs Decentralization Partnership Deals With Buea Mayor As Mayor Hails Return To Normalcy In Buea LGA



Interim Government of Buea

As BaretaNews revealed that the Swiss delegation was touring the Cameroons to gather first-hand information on the current crisis while mobilizing local leaders on the ground, information now confirms the colonial Mayor of Buea David Mafani while briefing the delegation on the state of the current crisis has now benefited from a decentralization partnership deal that sealed Councils in Switzerland and Buea. Below is a statement published by the Buea Council on their Facebook page


Mayor David Mafani Namange Esq. this Tuesday, August 3rd, 2020, received in audience H.E. Eric Tharday, Senior Adviser at the Swiss Embassy and Sarah Loch, Political Adviser at the same Embassy. During the audience, the two diplomats expressed joy being in Buea, a town with similar characteristics to Switzerland.

The reason for their visit was to gather firsthand information on the happenings on the ground as regards the crisis plaguing the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon, and most importantly, to strengthen the South-South ties between Cameroon, Buea in particular, and Switzerland.

The Lord Mayor in his response appreciated the august guests and stressed the fact that life is gradually getting back to normalcy in Buea especially in the socio-economic perspective. In the course of the audience, Mayor David Mafani sealed a partnership deal between the Buea Council and the Swiss Government, especially councils in Switzerland with the aim of boosting the tourism potential of the City of Legendary Hospitality.

The Mayor while wishing the diplomats a safe trip back to their base, expressed the wish to host subsequently as the opportunities arise.

Buea Council Facebook Page

August 4th, 2020

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