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Colonial Soldiers’ Atrocities: More Ambazonians Desire to Join Revolutionary Army



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Colonial Soldiers’ Atrocities More Ambazonians Desire to Join Revolutionary Army

The razing of the homes and properties of innocent Ambazonians by the colonial terrorist forces of Yaoundé’ is already proving to be counter productive for the colonialists. The frustrated actions which to them is to inflict pain on the people and make them abandon their revolutionary ideologies or turned against restoration forces are already attracting more Ambazonians into the revolutionary army.

According to BaretaNews intelligence within the restoration forces, the attack, raiding and razing down of moto bikes belonging to young men, properties and entire villages by the terrorist soldiers from Yaoundé, especially in the Southern Zone of Ambazonia, have greatly stirred the anger Ambalanders. Hundreds of men and women have therefore been seeking for avenues on how they can join the revolutionary army and defend what is left of their villages.

In a note sent to BaretaNews Desk from a group of youths some where in the Southern Zone of Ambazonia, they stated that;

“We are 350 in number waiting for an opportunity to acquire liberty bibles from whoever can supply them to us. We write to you because we know you have direct connections with the leaders… tell them we are educated and about ¼ of us are UB graduates who were bike riders here in *******. They burned everything we worked for these past years since leaving school and we cannot just sit and watch again…

“Sir, we have lost our bikes which is our only source of living, we have lost our homes and village and we have nothing again to lost… our lives are the only things left and, in this situation, we find ourselves, we can only sacrifice our lives to fight for freedom and secure a better future. If we die fighting, there is nothing to cry for because we don’t have anything again apart from family members who shall enjoy the freedom… if we succeed fighting, Ambazonia shall rebuild our villages and we know that we cannot be bike riders again under Ambazonia” they stated.

From the above, it is visibly clear that Ambazonians are angry and are ready to die fighting for their survival. From their statements, is evident that they have used their period of stay in the forests judiciously, buy training themselves for battle. What they need now are the resources to defend their families and whatever is left of their already ruined communities.

However, Restoration forces on the ground must be very careful at this juncture when taking in more freedom fighters. Infiltrations could be possible especially when dealing with a desperate colonialist like LRC.

The colonial agents must understand that the more villages and properties they burn, the more revolutionary soldiers they recruit for Ambazonia. They must also remember that they do not have the monopoly of atrocities. Restoration forces are civil and must not be pushed to the wall.


James Agbor

BaretaNews Political Analyst

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