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Bilingualism: The Case of Northern Zones Lawyers



It is no news that, the judiciary in the Southern Cameroons Northern Zones ( North West Region) has put forth a decision requesting Northern Zones lawyers to make submissions in French only. Some bulwarks and quacks of the Biya’s regime have come out to support this decision making the nuisance that Cameroon is Bilingual. These nincompoops, some of which are ENAM graduates have gone public to state their claims. Sadly enough, some of them are Southern Cameroonians.

We all know how Bilingualism is treated in the Cameroons especially when it comes to the English Language. It is my strong conviction that, Bilingualism should not favour a particular language.If the Cameroun constitution makes English and French equal in status ( which is on paper) then the government need to do more on Bilingualism.

 Over the mungos, in the Southern Cameroons, the daily language as a matter of fact  from church to schools to courts to hospitals to regional government institutions should be in English and only in English. When you crossed to French Cameroon, it should be in French. That’s how it’s supposed to be. You don’t force a language on a person. Bilingualism should be exclusively left when it comes to national state issues. We should expect a government officer to speak in English in Southern Cameroons and French in French Cameroon.

Bilingualism should not be made to favour the French Cameroon people as it is always the case now?. Bilingualism  does not mean I must communicate in French, understanding the other language is fairly ok. Bilingualism means you should speak in the best language you are comfortable with, it’s the place of the other partner to understand you. Bilingualism means we can both communicate while speaking different languages. In Bilingualism, you have to understand English while I have to understand French as we communicate. You do not force me to speak English/French either. That is bilingualism thus in English Cameroon the first Language is English and should be so. There should be no polemics about  this.

This reporter is of the opinion that, the Northern Zones Lawyers should put up a fierce fight to the last of their blood, the Southern zones should join them. It is my understanding that since the Northern Zones ( North West) people are naturally resistant and no nonsense people, if the Government of Biya succeeds, then it would be an easy ride in the Southern zones ( South West) considering that, the Southern zones people are naturally soft spoken and easy to carry away.They seemed to be Pro government a lot.I think first the lawyers of both Southern and Northern Zones need to meet in an urgent assemble and take a collective stand.What affects the eyes affects the nose sooner

This is my honest position when it comes to Bilingualism in the Cameroons.

God is still saying something.

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