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Ambazonia Forces Pay Tributes To Hero Robert Mugabe: He Inspired Us To Fight Colonialism And French Rule





ADF Mourn Mugabe, Say He Inspired Their Freedom Quest

By Mbah Godlove

In contrast to Dr. Ebenezer Akwanga who likened Robert Mugabe to a hero turned tyrant, several Ambazonia Forces in one of their united platform known as The Ambazonian Military Forces (AMF) have paid tribute to former Zimbabwe’s leader Cde Robert Mugabe, admitting he has inspired them in their liberation quest to free Southern Cameroons from colonialism

In a communique sent to BaretaNews room on Saturday September 7, the Ambazonian Forces saluted the bravery of Zimbabwe’s first post-colonial president whom they said had inspired them in their struggle for the restoration of Ambazonia’s statehood.

“We extend our heart felt condolences to the Robert Mugabe’s family and the people of Zimbabwe.

“The African revolutionary leader has inspired us to free our people from Biya and his government of French rule. We call on all Restoration forces to emulate Mugabe. He liberated his country from the battle field not diaspora,” some top AMF Generals stated.

Cde Robert Mugabe was declared dead at the age of 95 in a hospital in Singapore on Friday September 6, 2019.

He was a leading architect during the war against British rule in Rhodesia, present day Zimbabwe.

The quest for the liberation of Rhodesia caused the British colonial administration to detain the Pan-Africanist from 1974 to 1984.

After his incarceration, the determined Mugabe would continue to be a thorn to the flesh of the colonizer until 1980. He would be appointed Prime Minister and asked to form a government. Two years later, Robert Mugabe became President under a new Zimbabwean constitution and will lead the South African country until November 2017 when he obeyed his top Generals and relinquished power.

Meantime, the tribute from top Generals of the Ambazonian Military Forces came after several other world leaders had bid fare well to the the former statesman.

Kenya’s president, Uhuru Kenyatta declared two days of national mourning stating the country’s flag be flown at half mass.

The Ambazonian Generals revealed they have adopted Mugabe’s “Marshal plan” and have resolved to oust the Biya colonial regime from Southern Cameroons.

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