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This is Not My UB: Baby chimpanzees Cum Students



This is #Not #my #UB!

The Illicitness and conspiracy by a select few aren’t in any way, helping the majority.

Truth be told, in our times , illiteracy isn’t again an outcome of no education, but , the authentication of weaknesses and the tactful avoidance of scholarly debates , with the need for same. it is the inability to inflict intellectual torture on aberrations that threaten or seemingly defy the very evidence of an immune, incorruptible ,just ,unbiased and infallible construct; even the bedrock and societal pathfinder as the university.

To say the least, this is #notmyUB and they behind this; academic chimpanzees-not professors in that context.
I tell you, Hand a used toilet tissue to monkeys and they are always ready to run away with it in the first instance, showing off that ignorance with little or even no shame- chimpanzees .

These “baby chimpanzees”-so called students ,their brains are on the #banana ; they are #NotmyUB students.
The UB I know is, the start of all objectivity in Cameroon;

Where knowledge and research alone speaks amongst the Dons .Lectures leading national priorities and defending the territory, the integrity of the knowledge economy. The UB I know, whose lecturer synergy and its vitality, every tongue can tell leads in preserving the true character and integrity of Academics.

In my UB, the vice chancellor already is the VICE, CHANCELLOR. Not even the illegal names from one illiterate in the ministry in Yaounde would threaten his final basis of merit, justice, and candor in selecting successful candidates for the medical school in his university.
In case you don’t know,

In My #UB , students interest is at fore and, their civic cum political Consciousness, far from that of perishables of this magnitude.

In my UB, we, student leaders didn’t chicken out, and , our vice chancellors weren’t accepting any manipulation to “attempt erasing us ( it will never succeed in the first place). We students , through our Union, got involved in national debates and stir national policy across their radar for the benefit of all other universities .
#what you see, in case you were having it wrong,is grossly indecorous and #NOT #my #UB.

Ateh Thompson

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