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SDF Youth Militant Pitch For Osih: Run Osih, Run



The calls for Joshua Osih to represent the SDF in the forthcoming 2018 elections has been increasing as the day goes by. Cameroonians from across the political spectrum seems to welcome the idea of Joshua Osih leading the SDF ticket. Some have even created Facebook groups to galvanise support amongst young people. However, in a recent interview, Joshua welcomes the idea of leading the party if it is the collective will of the party.
Walters Onekon Angwere, SDF Youth militant has also joined his voice amongst those who want to see change come in 2018. Walters is a former student leader, University of Buea. He masterminded and lead the deadly student protest in 2005, UB which culminated with the now defunct Students’ Union formation. Walters, like many other former student leaders, is eager towards a 2018 presidential and parliamentary elections. Walters, a formerly staunch supporter of Ni John Fru Ndi has become frustrated with the leadership of the SDF and thinks Joshua Osih can lead the country to the change we need. Hear him:
“I see Joshua Nambangi Osih as an astute politician who has created a mark in the political sphere in Cameroon. His early rise to the position of Vice Chairman of SDF is indicative of the fact that the party saw some values in him that were worth exploiting. He has been very supportive of the party and I may say, at the same time loyal to not just the party hierarchy, but also to the grassroots militants – qualities I consider important for leadership and continuity. Though losing in the 2012 legislative elections at his native Ndian constituency, he proved to Cameroonians that he was not only a local politician but a national political player by winning the parliamentary seat of a Wouri Centre Constituency, at the heart of the economic capital of Douala in 2013…”
He continued : ” …..At his age (47 years) and giving the qualities he possesses in the field of management and human relations, I think he understands the plight of the Cameroonians. He has demonstrated in different spheres of activities (the business world, the civil society, sports, to mention but a few) across the national territory and beyond that he has good plans to move the country forward and I think it is the time we give him the support to deliver. He is a patriotic Cameroonian, a quality that is dire for the top job. J.N.O is calm, level headed and educated and being a gentleman makes him the most suitable candidate to manage the Cameroon Third Republic and drive the country to emergence…”
Walters concluded: “…in a nutshell, he has been the people’s choice prior to the last presidential elections and I am convinced Cameroonians of all walks-of-life badly need him at the helm of affairs :”
BaretaNews points out that the SDF militants still very much love Fru Ndi who still supports much grassroots support. Cardinal Tumi had earlier on called on Fru Ndi to consider not running again. Would Osih break ranks with the current leadership and challenge Ni John at February 2017 SDF convention? Would Osih make a fine president for the Cameroons?
God is still saying something.

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